#1 Rule How To Get More Sign Ups In Your Business Without Being A Spammer Or Getting Put In Facebook Jail!

#1 Rule How To Get More Sign Ups In Your Business Without Being A Spammer Or Getting Put In Facebook Jail!, online marketing, sales, network marketing, home business, home based business

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for people getting sign ups in their home business is that they aren’t seeing if people are open to their business before they pitch someone on it. This small tweak is the #1 rule of how to get more sign ups for your business without being a spammer or getting thrown in Facebook jail.

#1 Rule How To Get More Sign Ups In Your Business Without Being A Spammer Or Getting Put In Facebook Jail!, online marketing, sales, network marketing, home business, home based business

Treating your home business like a cocktail party is an effective way how to get more sign ups in your business

Many people who act how they act marketing their home business online, would never act that way if they were talking to someone in person.

Unfortunately because many people aren’t treating their business like a cocktail party that’s why they aren’t making money and getting new sign ups.

If you met someone for the first time at a party, would you immediately tell them how amazing your business and products are and talk about how they need to join your team or that you are looking for them to join your team?

I would certainly hope not. If you are doing that, that’s probably a big reason why your business isn’t working for you. Unfortunately a lot of people do this exact thing when they are promoting their business online.

They go into pitch mode and end up pushing everyone away rather than attracting them to them.

When you spam your business you might get someone started, but it’s not the people you are looking for

This is a sort of crass example, but I really relate growing your business and bringing on a new team member like getting a date. For some people their goal might be to bring someone home with them for…well you can use your imagination.

Now if that was your goal, would you think an effective strategy would be to go up to someone and tell them you thought they were hot and that they should come home with you? Probably not, I’d have to imagine you would get slapped in the face more often than not.

However after a few bruises and some pain you might finally get someone after being that direct to say yes to your request to come home with you. At the same time, is that really the person you want to be bringing home or introducing to your family?…I’d wager not.

Free to join is not going to attract leaders into your organization

Unfortunately this “come home with me” tactic is similar to the kinds of people you are going to attract to your business when you are spamming in groups or begging people to join your team or leading with free sign ups for people joining your business.

You certainly may get some sign ups or have people join if you are offering free sign ups or start now for $5 or whatever the case may be, but more often than not these people coming into it are going to have the “get something for nothing” mindset.

Unfortunately when people have that mindset they are often not going to stick around for the long haul when they don’t get something for nothing. Free samples are great if you can use them to close more business, but often you are just going to attract people looking for something for nothing yet again.

One reason people really struggle in their business is because they spend way too much time with the wrong people. If you are targeting people with free to join my team or get free samples tactics, especially with cold market prospects you’ll end up wasting a lot of time and attracting people with no money to join anything.

Last time I checked someone has to order products from you or get started with something where money is exchanged for you to earn any income. Even if you earned a dollar from each person who joined your $5 program you would need to find thousands of people a month to join to make a full time income.

Probably not worth the time to spam in groups in hopes of thousands of people joining when there are several other people doing the same exact thing. More often than not the exact same pictures, text and offer as well.

A much better way is to see if people are open first before you spend time with them explaining your business

A much better tactic that will be far more likely to lead to a sale or new team member joining you is going to be asking if someone is open to hearing about your business first before you present to them.

This way you won’t have to scrape the bottom of the barrel by pitching to people that they can join your business for free. A bunch of people joining for free pitching people on joining for free, moves no products and creates no business and just wastes everyone’s time.

You can certainly lead with free things to attract people, but I would suggest if you do, it’s leading with free training, or value, and not joining your business for free. Even if it is the case someone can join your business for free, in most cases people are going to want to have product on hand to retail, use, and market.

People aren’t really going to have a lot of success promoting something they have never used themselves. At the same time with no skin in the game many people don’t end up taking any action.

Again treat your business like a cocktail party and start to build relationships first and then see if someone is open to what you have and transition into what you offer from there. I guarantee you’ll get a lot better results when you follow that approach.

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