4 Guaranteed Ways to Make More Sales

Are you sick of never closing the sale? Do you want to make more money this year? Are you living up to your potential in business? Try adding these steps and closes and you could become that next top producer in your business!

1. Ask – ok so this may seem obnoxious but you have no idea how many times I have worked with my team and they have gotten right up to the point of making the sale with their potential prospect and never even ask the question to buy.  I don’t know if this is because they are scared of the reaction they may get. Maybe they are afraid of rejection? They don’t want their feelings hurt? I’m not to sure, but the only way you are ever going to get a yes to buy is if you ask for the sale.  One of my favorites is ‘are you ready to get started’? The worst thing that could happen is they say no, which is already the result if you never showed them to begin with.

2. Alternative close – This is one of my personal favorites! It simply comes down to giving someone two options to choose from.  An example would be asking someone out on a date. Instead of asking them if they would like to go out, which would result in a yes or a no response (win/lose) you would ask them if they would like to go out for dinner or a movie tonight (win/win). It doesn’t matter what outcome they pick you win! This is great for setting the initial appointment for sales. You could say something like I would be available later this evening or tomorrow afternoon, which time works better for you? It doesn’t matter which one they pick you still win and get the appointment!

3. Fear of Loss – This is another one of my favorite approaches.  People will do way more and take action more often because they are going to miss out on an opportunity rather than what they have to gain from doing something.  You can say things like ‘I can’t guarantee this will be for you’, ‘I don’t know if you have what it takes to work with our company’, ‘I’m taking a chance on you’, ‘I’d have to go over the details with you first to see if you would qualify’, ‘I know what we have isn’t for you but do you know anyone else that would be a better fit, that’s ambitious and has leadership potential’.  These will create curiosity and make people feel like they are missing out. I’d say almost everyone hates that feeling and they will want to take a look at what you have or buy what you are selling when you take it away from them.

4. Law of Averages – Let the law of averages be your friend! Sales is a lot like farming, the more seed you put out the more plants will grow and the more you will harvest in the end.  A lot of people’s problems in sales boils down to not talking to enough people. Just like the farmer, when you are planting the seeds, some fall on rocky ground. With some when they start to sprout, the weeds choke them out. The birds eat some of the seed. Just like in your business and making sales some people just won’t buy, or they won’t right away, ‘no’ simply means not now. Find what your ratio of sales is, do you make 1 out of every 10 sales? 2 out of 10?  The great thing is maybe you know a top producer that gets 8/10 sales, and you only get 1/10. Well guess what if you talk to a 100 people and they only talk to 10 you make 10 sales they made 8, you win.  You can always make up in numbers what you lack in skill.  So when in doubt make more calls, show more presentations, talk to more people!  Another great thing about the law of averages is that your ratio can improve.  The more you can work on yourself and your skills through personal development the better your ratio will improve. Your success will only grow as much as you do!

I guarantee if you add these keys to your sales tool belt you will get more sales and make more money!

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