Who is Mike MacDonald?

My journey began much like many others, I didn’t come from money, and no one in my family had ever owned a business or been all too successful in the business realm. They all had good jobs and a decent education and we had a good life growing up. We never went on exotic vacations or went to the finest restaurants but we always had what we needed and had fun.team-az

Sound familiar to your story?  I’ve had a lot of ups and downs over my career thus far and my journey, I’ve gone from sharing my success in front of hundreds of business owners to sleeping on the floor of my office looking for a place to live, to helping build a team of thousands all over the world. We all have struggles and I’m guessing you’re no different, maybe that’s what brought you to my page.

My journey as well as yours will most likely not be easy, but it can definitely be worth it if you decide to do something different. I hope with my inspiration and vision you will be able to develop the desire and motivation within to achieve all of your goals and desires and make your dreams a reality and make your journey worth it as well.

I never really knew what I wanted to do with my life growing up, I pretty much just went with the flow. Have you ever gone through life feeling you had no direction?  I played sports and mostly the ones my older siblings had done simply because that’s all I knew.me and darren bahamas

I followed my older brother‘s footsteps in high school and worked at a local fast food place simply because I didn’t think I was worth much more than the whopping 5.15 an hour they paid me. At the time I basically did what I was taught, working hard and getting good grades in school.

Maybe you got the same advice growing up as well?  I worked as many hours as I could as a 15 year old could always trying to figure out how I could make more and do more. Most people want more out of life and are willing to work hard, but just don’t get compensated what they are worth. Are you getting paid all that you are worth?


I had expensive tastes as a kid. I was a bit of a nerd and loved video games. My parents wouldn’t buy most of them for me so I was always trying to find ways to make more money to get them myself. I mowed lawns, works at the restaurant, tried selling things on eBay.

I made some money here and there but never really anything significant. I felt like I was just spinning my wheels. Have you ever thought about other ways to make income besides your job?

Right before my high school career started I was given a book by my father “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiosaki. This book blew my mind. I was never an avid reader before this and reading a book for pleasure was a rare occurrence, however once I started I couldn’t put it down. I read the whole book in a few hours that Saturday afternoon and life has never been the same since.Untitled design (18)

I learned about owning a business, having assets and investments that brought in income every month whether or not I worked and I was hooked. A few months later my brother and sister and I received a bit of money from our grandpa when he passed away. They decided to put it towards a car, but me being just young enough to not drive yet I invested it in some stocks. This is where I got my first taste of residual income!  Do you just work for money or do you have money work for you?

I had never received a check before without putting in any additional effort, and once I had I knew that’s what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to build things that would make me income and I could live the life I really wanted and live full time. Are you looking for a way to reach your dreams and live full time as well? I promise there are ways to do it if you only know how and have a system to do it. 1069819_10103363471198690_681965665_n

Around this time I got introduced to Network marketing and I fell in love as well. I saw it as a way to truly create leverage in my life and build something that could go beyond myself and help me create the income I wanted on a residual basis as well as give me the time freedom to build other businesses and multiple other streams of income. Perhaps you want more freedom and flexibility in your life as well?

The only downside for me was that I was a shy, introverted video game nerd, and didn’t know a thing about sales, business, leadership, and much more. Have you ever felt like you knew what you wanted to achieve in life but felt you didn’t know if you could be successful or didn’t think you had what it took to make it happen?

I knew what I wanted and I wasn’t sure where I was going to get the necessary skills to succeed but no matter how long it took or what I had to do or spend to make it happen I was going to do it. I made this site to help you reach your goals and achieve the lifestyle you want through building a successful home business.Untitled design (19)

I will take you through things I’ve learned throughout my journey and provide as your guide to learn from my mistakes and shortcomings to help you reach your goals and dreams faster.

My main goal is to help you take your business and personal success to the next level! I focus on building the person up through personal development and coaching. My philosophy is your business or success as an individual will only grow as big as you as a person do.

The bigger more successful person you can become the more success and happiness you can create in your life. I want to help you reach your full potential and reach the goals and desires you really want out of your life. I want to help you create multiple streams of income and become financially independent.

Get out of the rat race, get debt free, and live the live you really want. Helping people Live Full Time one step at a time. Helping you create a better tomorrow through a better you!

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Most people think that working is hard and we all deserve a holiday. Thanks to this idea I’ve been on 19 Vacations in the past two years. I never thought Life could be this good! Unfortunately it wasn’t always this way, a few years ago I was frustrated and working 80+ hours a week just to survive and looking for a way out and wanted to create a life of freedom.

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Unfortunately many people are stuck believing there’s no hope in this economy, just like I thought. Everyone says they want to fire their boss, and everybody knows being our own boss would give us freedom. Most people say the economy is in the toilet and most of us are looking to make more income. Unfortunately no one is really getting raises anymore and if they do it’s barely keeping up with inflation.

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Everyone knows two paychecks are definitely better than one, unfortunately picking up a second job would just interfere with our week and family life. Choosing our own work hours is important and we don’t want to be stuck in a job all of our lives. We never will create freedom working a job, we need to have our own business to do that. Everyone knows that business owners make the most money.

Let’s face it, obviously most of us understand there’s a million different ways to make money right now. ESPECIALLY in down economies, that’s right I said ESPECIALLY in down economies! When the economy is bad is when most millionaires are made! With this concept I went from being a helpless and broke introverted video game nerd to having the opportunity of financial freedom and success, on top of it all I love what I do.  Most of us would rather live with freedom and security than living check to check.

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There are so many people out there today looking for a way to make money because they have either lost their job or feel like they’re going to lose their job. Nothing is secure and people are scared. Marketing is ALL about opportunity and solving a problem that people DON’T know how to fix and giving them the solution!

I spend a majority of my time coaching people and helping them make serious money if they choose to. I’ve found a way that takes advantage of the trends of today’s economy in the largest industry in the world.

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For people that take advantage of what I have to offer, I give FREE coaching and training, BUT I am not looking for everyone, just the right ones. Not everyone will have what it takes and I only want serious people that want to work and fight hard for their financial freedom.

Characteristics of Who I’m Looking to Work With

  • Teachable – They are willing to follow the proven steps and dive into the process of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

  • Willing to Commit to consistent daily action. NO procrastination or Excuses allowed!

  • They have a clear vision and a strong enough “WHY” to stay motivated throughout the process.

  • Willing to Invest in their personal development and business.

  • They have a positive mindset and are willing to accept the possible ups and downs of building a business.

  • They will follow their daily schedule, be consistent, and be committed to their long term business.

IF this describes you, then please fill out the application below and you will be notified via email if your application is approved or denied. 

 – Mike MacDonald