Jan 17

Are You Being Agreeable When Your Prospect Has Objections?

One thing I really used to struggle with while closing in network marketing was being agreeable first with my prospect when I had to overcome an objection.

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Don’t put people on the defensive while you are overcoming objections in network marketing

A lot of people tend to close too quickly after they get an objection. Take a second to take in someones objection and hear them out and show a little understanding first before you try and handle their objections.

When you agree with someone’s objections or show that you understand where they are coming from it will help you avoid having them put up their defenses. A simple statement like, “I can understand why you would feel that way.” or “I can appreciate that.” or “I get how you would feel that way given your situation.”

When you do this you are being agreeable and not justifying that their excuse or objection is valid, more so, just showing compassion and understanding and making them understand that you are on their side and trying to help them.

Complement people on the action steps they are taking

Another thing to do is complement people on their progress forward. This is especially true when you are working with new sales reps in their team.

I used to be very overcritical of people who didn’t take action as aggressively as I was while building a business. Often I would disregard any action steps they were taking that was positive and instead would only focus on what they were doing wrong or what they could improve on.

Take some time to acknowledge people moving in the right direction and then guide them to what they can do to create better results. Celebrate what you want to duplicate. Praise and acknowledge people taking steps in the right direction and then inspire and instruct them to do better.

When you only point out areas that need to be improved and never congratulate on the good points people will begin to resent you and quit. They will feel like they aren’t good enough and can’t live up to your expectations and slowly fade away.

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