Are You Bigger Than Your Problems?

Are You Bigger Than Your Problems- (1)

Do you feel you can’t reach your goals, build your business, or take the action steps necessary to win, if you do ,you need to ask yourself are you bigger than your problems?

Are You Bigger Than Your Problems- (1)

I don’t care how successful you get you still have problems

If you think once you are successful or start to get results in your business you won’t have problems, I’m sorry to tell you, but you are in for a rude awakening. If anything you actually have more problems the more successful you become.

As your business and team grows your problems will increase, but the good thing is they will be different kinds of problems. A lot of you are dying to have the problems million dollar earners do in their businesses.

Like how do you prioritize your time with your team members, how are you going to pay the higher taxes, how can you help your new leaders reach their goals, the list goes on and on.

Just because you aren’t struggling financially, doesn’t mean you won’t have a new set of problems as you grow into a better leader.

The question really becomes are you going to decide to be bigger than your current problems or are you just going to settle for a mediocre life.

I hate when people assume that when you have created results that you some how got there easy

Here’s the thing, everyone had problems and obstacles getting to the point of success they are at now. Just because they didn’t have the exact same problems and obstacles you have, doesn’t mean you can’t be successful or they some how had it easy.

It doesn’t matter what your goals are or what you are trying to achieve you will have challenges to overcome. In my case when I started in the home business industry I was incredibly shy and introverted.

At this point I had the choice to cower back and be smaller than my problems and tell everyone that I couldn’t be successful or I didn’t deserve to be successful because I was introverted and shy…Or I could choose that I would be bigger than my problems and develop that skill and work on myself until I wasn’t getting success because I was shy and introverted.

I used to be an introverted video game nerd when I started, now I’m just a video game nerd. :p

You get to choose whether you are bigger than your problems. Again most of you probably aren’t shy or introverted like I was, but you probably have some other challenges you will face in your journey.

The thing that separates leaders from the people who create big success and reach their dreams is that leaders choose to accept that whatever challenges they face in the beginning, is just a place to come from, and not a place they are going to stay.

I know you can be successful and reach your dreams and build the business you want, it just takes time, action, and the decision to be bigger than your current problems.

Everyone has tests while they are growing and developing as a leader and striving for their goals. However, it’s your choice to decide whether it is going to remain a test you fail and can’t pass, or if it will become your testimony that inspires thousands to their greatness in the future.

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