Are You Congruent With What You Represent In Your Business?

Are You Congruent With What You Represent In Your Business, product of the product, are you a product of the product, sales tips, sales training

If you aren’t being a product of the product and if you aren’t congruent with what you represent as a business it could be costing you a lot of revenue.

Are You Congruent With What You Represent In Your Business, product of the product, are you a product of the product, sales tips, sales training

Being a product of the product not only makes sense but it gives you credibility

Unfortunately I run into a lot people marketing their businesses that aren’t very congruent with what they are marketing and it eliminates almost all credibility they have.

People do business with people who they know, like, and trust, and those that are credible and know what they are talking about. This means that if you are promoting something you should probably have some sort of results or at least be using your products or services.

Obviously you have to start somewhere but you shouldn’t be positioning yourself as something you aren’t. When you do this you come off as a spammer and unauthentic.

Why being a product of the product matters on social media…

For example I run into a lot of people who claim to be social media experts and they help people build a huge following, but then I look at their profile and they have 12 followers.

Another thing that happens is sometimes people say that they are doing awesome and getting thousands of followers and leads through their accounts and that you would be stupid for not using their strategies or system etc. but then I look at their profile and I see that I have 35,000 more followers then them and they have about 100 followers. Something just isn’t adding up lol

Again it’s fine if you are just getting started and don’t have many followers, but you really want position yourself as someone there to help people and that provides value and not as a guru immediately.

Something like “you help people build a successful business through social media.” or say something like “here is a free marketing training for twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook etc. you can use to build your business”.

Another option might be to tell them to connect with you on a different platform to build your audience elsewhere so you can begin to have a following on the platform you want to excel at.

You don’t have to be the expert to start generating leads and promoting your business or have phenomenal results to market your products

For example you could say something like, “Hey thanks for following me, I appreciate it, as a thank you here is a free marketing training where my buddy Joe goes through 6 tips to increase your twitter following.”

When you use 3rd party sources as the expert it can really help you start to build your list and following even if you are new.

However this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t walk your talk. I also run into a lot of people who don’t walk their talk and aren’t a product of their product and it definitely is hurting their business.

For example they might market a weight loss products, but they aren’t exactly in shape or anywhere near it. Again not to say that you have to be thin to start marketing weight loss products.

You might just be getting started and are in the process of getting great results, however I’ve know people who have been promoting weight loss programs for years and who have been continuing to struggle with their weight for years as well.

This doesn’t portray your products in the best light, nor does it come across that your products even work. Needless to say they aren’t very successful at marketing those products.

So if you are just starting to get results with the weight loss products for example, share other people’s stories when you are new, but make sure you start to get some results soon or you will quickly start to lose all credibility in what you are marketing.

It would be like me selling Chevy cars and telling you that they are the best in the world, but then you see me drive off the lot in a Ford. Probably not likely that you would believe anything I said about Chevy cars at that point moving forward.



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