Are You Even Giving Yourself A Chance To Succeed In Your Online Business?

Do you even give yourself a chance to win when you are building your online business, or do you quit at the first sign of difficulty?

Are You Even Giving Yourself A Chance To Succeed In Your Online Business-

Don’t quit before your breakthrough while building your online business

Unfortunately a lot of people have a lottery ticket mentality and don’t make the decision to become a professional when they are building their online business.

Success takes time and a commitment to learn the skill sets necessary to win. If becoming a top earner in your online business was easy, everyone would do it and everyone who started would be a 6 figure earner in a few months.

In reality this is not how it works. An important question to ask yourself is would it be worth it to take the time to learn the skills I need to win?

You are willing to invest in other things with no promise of return but when it’s for your business do you freak out?

I’ve heard this from people I’ve worked with before “I can’t keep doing this online business thing, I’m spending all this money and not making anything yet.”

Let’s break this down real quick and put it into perspective. Their “a lot of money” broke down to about $500 spread over a few months time. Maybe my college was weird but I remember spending $700-$800 a semester on books alone and thousands more just to go to class.

Now after spending that much my first semester in college, would it be weird to freak out 30 days into it and say that I barely knew anything about my major at that point and I hadn’t made any money in my chosen field yet and that I should probably quit because I was spending too much money on this whole school thing?

Well in that case it would be perfectly reasonable that I hadn’t become a professional in my chosen field yet and that I hadn’t made any money because I was still in the learning process. Also that it was something I would need to go through before even having the chance to make money in my field.

Treat your online business as an earn while you learn process

The last thing you want to do is put a timeline on your success. The great thing about building an online business is that you can actually earn while you learn, rather than in school where you have to pay to learn and then hopefully get a job with your degree to start earning.

Not that school is right or wrong, but I’m just pointing out that there isn’t a way to profit with your knowledge you’re learning in school until after you are done and someone hires you.

Most people however, understand that college and getting an education is a process and don’t bat an eye at it or question it, but to go through the same type of process in their own business some how becomes unacceptable.

It’s time to wake up and realize that you can be successful in your online business, but it might take some time to get through your learning curve. However the big difference is that you can start implementing what you are learning immediately and start to create a profit for yourself in your online business, rather than waiting years to start generating income like through college.

Give yourself a chance to win and stop setting ridiculous timelines on your success like 30 days to be making a profit. How long have you been doing what you have up till now and not gotten the results you want, lifestyle you crave, or freedom you want?

If what you have been doing in your business hasn’t been working for years, how do you expect to magically learn a different skill set that can work in under 30 days. How long does the average traditional business take to turn a profit? 5 years? 10 Years?

Stop looking for overnight shortcuts and respect the process. With consistent improvement and action you can set yourself up for a lifetime in your online business, if you don’t give into your fear before it can happen.

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