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Are you holding your team back by coddling them?

We all want out team members to grow and develop as fast as possible, but sometimes people make the mistake of coddling their team and end up holding them back. Are you holding your team back?

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Your goal should be to make yourself insignificant to the growth of your team

The last thing you want to create is a team that is dependent on you to succeed. Unfortunately, a lot of people create this dependent relationship between them and their team.

When you create a dependent relationship with you and your team, you are basically creating a second job for yourself. Sure you might be able to make great money, but you will still be working just as hard or harder than you do at your job.

The more you get into management mode and try and control and coddle your team, the longer it will take for them to step up and become the leaders they can really be.

Of course you want people to plug into a system that works, but you should be focused on them becoming independent and effective on their own as quickly as possible.

Introduce your team to as many leaders as possible

One this to keep in mind is that in most cases you can’t be everything to everyone. Not everyone in your team will relate to you or necessarily resonate with you.

When someone is new it’s a great idea to introduce them to as many other leaders as possible. For one this can help them understand the bigger picture and that it’s not just you and them, but it also helps them plug into the system and not just be dependent on you.

This is especially important if you are new as well. If you are new and just growing your team, why would you want your team members to only plug into and learn from you?

Wouldn’t you rather have your team members learn from the best and even do better than you? When you introduce your team to many leaders and plug into the system, rather than coddling them, they can grow at their own pace.

In network marketing you are compensated on the growth of your team, so introducing someone and having them be better than you is a good thing. Especially since you will override a percentage of the whole organization they create.

Don’t let your team’s leadership lid be set at your leadership lid. The more your team can grow and develop into leaders themselves the faster your business will grow.

Avoid your ego getting in the way and let your team develop into the leaders they can be.

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