Are you Taking Time to Develop Leaders in your Team?

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Make time to develop leaders

Most of the time people live by the motto of if I want it done right I should do it myself. Unfortunately that won’t serve you very well in network marketing, if your goal is massive duplication and a business that grows with or without you. It is going to take some up front time to develop leaders in your team but the end payoff is worth it. It’s very similar to the analogy of tying a child’s shoes. It is obviously much faster to do it yourself vs taking the time to teach them how to do it on their own. It will most likely be frustrating trying to get them to learn a task you find so simple, however you need to ask yourself if you want a team full of children who can’t tie their shoes and need you every day all day to help them, or a team full of independent shoe tying specialists that don’t need you anymore. If you look long term it will take more time to develop leaders, but when they are independently building their business on their own it will be more than worth it. If you teach people to teach you can go to the beach!


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