Are You Trying To Shortcut The Shortcut In Your Home Business?

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A lot of people struggle with having a lottery ticket mentality and they are always looking for shortcuts to build their home business. Here’s the thing, you already are in the “shortcut” to success by building a home business, but there isn’t a shortcut to the shortcut.

home business, shortcut in business, shortcut, shortcut the shortcut

Having a home business isn’t perfect but it is better

Too many times people think that they can just show up and start a home business and success will just magically come to them. They invite a few people to look at their business and when they get a couple no’s they start looking for shortcuts and thinking there must be an easier way.

Here’s the thing, you are in the easier way, but you’ll still have to work for it. Building a successful business takes time energy and sacrifice. It’s just that they payoffs can be much better when you take the time and energy it requires to win with a business.

The real world doesn’t work in instant gratification

Stop looking for the easy way out or for some magic bullet to create instant results. This just isn’t how the world works. We are taught this in our typical 9-5 environment of work for 2 weeks get paid.

Nothing wrong with having a job and building a business or just simply having a job, but it’s not how success is built.

If you treated other things like that people would think you were crazy. Look at farming, if you planted seeds, watered them, and then the next day expected to have full grown crops you would be sadly mistaken.

How about when it comes to getting in shape? Would you sign up for the gym, do one sit up and then look in the mirror the next day and wonder why you didn’t lose 20 pounds or have a six pack yet?

No you wouldn’t, again if you did expect that you might be in for a rude awakening. Things of value take time to build. Sure things can go fast when you are building network marketing or a home business, but they still require work and learning a skill set.

You can’t expect massive results from little to no effort. I don’t care how you build it, offline, online, warm market, cold market, whatever, it still is going to take a season to build.

Sure some ways have more leverage than others, but some ways have other advantages as well. You can’t shortcut the shortcut and try and reinvent the wheel. When you do you won’t get anywhere and are setting up improper expectations for you and your team.

Stick to the proven system and be consistent and continue to work on yourself and your skills and you can eventually reach the top.

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