Are Your Priorities Keeping You Broke?

are-your-priorities-keeping-you-broke, priorities, time management, home business, home business success, network marketing, network marketing tips

All to often I’ll encounter people who say they want to create success and build a huge business, but their priorities aren’t what they need to be in order to succeed.

are-your-priorities-keeping-you-broke, priorities, time management, home business, home business success, network marketing, network marketing tips

Building a successful business is going to take some sacrifice

A key concept to keep in mind is that whatever you have been doing in the past has gotten you to where you are today. If you aren’t crushing it in your business, haven’t reached your fitness goals, don’t have the relationship success you want, etc, it’s because of your priorities you have had up to this point.

A successful business doesn’t just happen magically, you need to work for it. Your commitment to anything will determine your results. Too many people aren’t getting the results they wish they were getting because they are just dipping their toe in the water and their priorities aren’t where they need to be to succeed.

Most people claim they want to succeed but their actions say otherwise. For example people will say that they don’t have the time to build a business or that they have plans so they can’t go to training events etc. But they do seem to have time to go to softball practice every night, or watch Netflix for 4 hours each night, or barbecues each weekend…

Successful business owners have a short term sacrifice for a long term gain mindset

A great question to ask yourself is will this matter 5 years from now? Sometimes people have family events, or birthday parties, or distant cousins weddings, sporting events, etc, that coincide with a conference, team training, leadership summit or something of that nature.

If you really truly want to be successful you might have to miss out on some of those things for a season, to learn the skill sets, mindsets, and put in the work to win big. I’m obviously not saying drop out of school, quit your job, abandon your family, but really ask yourself is missing an event like one soccer game a month truly going to impact your life 5 years from now?

I’d venture to guess that going to the soccer game wouldn’t matter 5 years from now, but going to an event or committing that time to build your business could down the road greatly impact the direction of your families future.

Again missing every family event or game and shutting out everyone and everything in your life probably isn’t the right direction either, but are you willing to have a short term sacrifice of some leisure activities in order to create your dream lifestyle? That way you never have to miss those events just to pay the bills or on someone else’s terms down the road?

If your current habits and priorities are keeping you broke and frustrated…maybe it’s time to make a change and sacrifice a few temporary comforts in order to create the success and lifestyle you have always wanted.

Wishing you Health and Prosperity – Mike MacDonald


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