Are you gaining Followers or Developing Leaders?

Are you looking for explosive growth in your business or team? Do you want to bring your organization to the next level? Has your team hit a plateau that you just can’t seem to break through? Well all of these symptoms may be a sign that you are not empowering your team and developing leaders in your organization. There is a big difference between simply gaining a large following vs developing leaders.  The first option may seem easier, but the latter can take your organization to levels you never imagined.  Adding followers is great but it is mere addition to your team and organization, most people would rather have exponential growth vs a few new followers here and there.  I would recommend a focus on developing key leaders in your team to become better leaders.

The average leader can be scared that they may lose their position of power if they empower other people to get better, they may even fear that the people they empower may become better than them.  In all honesty that should be a good thing, If you can empower people to reach their maximum potential you will become indispensible to your organization. Zig Ziglar said it best ‘help enough people get what they want and you can have everything you want’.  It may seem impractical at first to try and teach and empower people, some may even leave and go to another organization, but the positives far outweigh the negatives in my opinion.  In my experience the more you pour into people and help them reach their potential the more loyal they become and want you to succeed on a high level as well. Create an environment of celebrating what you want to duplicate.  The more people take on challenges on their own and begin to succeed publicly praise them and show them that it’s a good thing to be getting better and stepping out of the crowd into leadership.

If you want to create a following don’t worry about empowering other people, simply work on yourself and get better, but if you want to create a legacy, focus on bringing other people up and helping them get better. There is only so much you can get done on your own, in my opinion the better everyone does, the better everyone does.  Your reach can grow beyond just yourself if you can help other people become leaders. It’s like the ‘pay it forward’ idea where you really don’t know how far your influence can spread the more you help others reach their goals and become better.  If explosive growth is what you are after try implementing empowering and developing other leaders in your team. It could be the missing link to get you to that next level in your business and organization.

Wishing you Health and Prosperity – Mike MacDonald


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Your Habits will Make You or Break you.

Your habits can either take you to the top or bring your knees begging for a way out.  Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, some people make millions in a year and others barely scrape by.  In my opinion your daily habits and disciplines will make the biggest difference in your life. Average unsuccessful people most often have an instant gratification mindset and always go with what’s the easy thing to do right now.  Successful people have a short term sacrifice for a long term gain mindset. The funny thing is that the daily habits of these two people are not all to different.  A great book the ‘Slight Edge’ by Jeff Olson, goes into great details on a view of success habits. Basically though it can come down to simple daily good choices vs simple daily bad choices, and then those results compound over time.

For example an easy habit to get into would be reading 10 pages a day of a good book in your field of business. Something that is pretty easy to do but also very easy not to do.  10 pages doesn’t seem like a whole lot but after a year it’s almost a 10-15 books, after 5 years, 60+ books! You would most definitely be an expert in your field by that point and it would start to show in the workplace as well. You could use this same idea to master almost any subject of your choosing, you could learn a new language, develop a new skill, master leadership, the list could go on and on!

The key is developing successful habits and not unsuccessful habits.  Everything in our life to this point has been a culmination of our habits. Every choice you have made up to this point has led you to where you are right now, it’s necessary to take personal responsibility for your results if you want things to change. If you want things to change for the better you need to change and get better. It starts out small like a tiny thread being strung out, but every time we do that act again another thread goes down until it’s as thick and hard as steel.  At that point it becomes hard to change our habits.  The good news is that we can change whenever we want to, it may not be easy but it will definitely be worth it.  No matter how far down the ladder of success you have fallen you can still start climbing up to the top again. If we are in sales, focus on just showing one more person a day your presentation, then you are now. Again simple to do, simple not to do, but if that only led to 1 more sale a week that’s 4 sales a month and almost 50 new sales a year. It’s obviously different for every company or profession, but imagine adding an additional 50 sales commissions to your income each year, I would bet that is a pretty big pay increase and all just from showing one extra presentation a week. You could apply the same to your presentation itself. If you got up an hour earlier each day and practiced your sales presentation or worked on overcoming objections for an hour each day that’s almost 30 hours a month of practice. With that you could become one of the top presenters and closers in your company and simply again from a easy daily habit. I would urge you to focus on making simple positive choices towards your success everyday and make successful living a habit, It can make all the difference!

Wishing you Health and Prosperity – Mike MacDonald

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Are you just being Active with your day or Productive?

Ever wonder how to be more productive in the day get more things done but you always feel to busy to do it? Well you may be focused to much on simply being active vs being productive.  Many people throughout the day are focused on low priority tasks. You should be focused on the biggest income producing activities.  There is really no such thing as time management there is simply self management. If you are able to discipline yourself to focus on high priority tasks that make the biggest difference in your business you will be able to get far more done and accomplished than the average person. If you have never heard of the 80/20 rule, I’m sure you have noticed it in your workplace or life or people you know that succeed.  Overall there are usually 20% of the things that you do that equate to 80% of the results. For example 20% of your team produces 80% of the sales.  20% of your customers make up for 80% of your monthly quota. 20% of the daily activities you do result in 80% of the growth for your company or business.  Your job is to focus on that 20% that make the biggest difference.  Prioritize those tasks that are in the 20% and do those in peak business hours.  You can shift things like for example responding to emails, handling complaints in your team, working through problems, training for your team, etc.  If you are seasoned in your field you will most likely be able to tell what is the 20% or what is the 80%.  If you are in direct marketing or sales usually the 20% will be focusing on your personal new business.  It might be tempting once you get a team going to try and focus all your energy on helping your team, but it isn’t a great idea to just right into management mode.  As the leader you want to ‘lead by example’ and give your team a benchmark to strive towards.  If you are one of the top producers in your company others will try and follow your lead, if you focus on managing everyone you will develop a team of managers.  New sales or new team members is the lifeblood of the organization so always be focused on that.  You can deal with training late at night or early in the morning or during off times.  Another way to save time and be more efficient is to train by group.  Technology has made this much easier, you could do a webinar, conference call, or skype a team training, Make a youtube video so your team can get training when it’s convenient for them, etc.  You could also delegate tasks to your team, empower people to do some of the training or sales or presentations.  A key question to ask is are you simply building more followers or developing new leaders? If you can duplicate yourself you will have a much faster time building a large organization.  Empowering your team to lead and grow can create a lot more success as a whole vs. you just doing everything yourself.  Look at it like tying a child’s shoes, sure it might be easier for you to do it, but if you take the initial time to invest in them to teach them how to tie their own shoes, you will never have to spend time to do it yourself.  Wouldn’t it be weird seeing a parent tieing their 18 year olds shoes still? Same concept you want to do with your business.  Bottom line if you can focus on high priority tasks in your business you will get far more done than just doing the first thing that comes to mind so you can appear busy. It’s never about how much time you have, it’s always about how effective you are with your time.

Wishing you Health and Prosperity – Mike MacDonald

Are you building relationships with your team?

One key factors that many leaders miss when building and developing teams is cultivating relationships with their people.  I know from personal experience that missing this key factor can bring your team to a plateau and keep you from building momentum that can take you and your team to the next level.  Many leaders simply feel they can grow their business simply because they are in the “position” of leadership.  I made this mistake as well, they think they can simply tell the team what to do and where they need to go and who they need to become simply because of their “authority” as the “leader”. Well I’m sure we have all experienced this at some point in our lives on the receiving end and know that when we really had no relationship with our boss or leader we really didn’t seem to care as much about what they told us to do.  We didn’t really want to follow, we just simply did because they were the boss. Maybe even the second they left the room we did the exact opposite of what they asked of us. That is a mistake many of us new to leadership or even seasoned pros can sometimes forget.  If we want people to do business with us or follow us they need to like and trust us.  If we never attempt to build a relationship with our team it will be hard to lead them as effectively.

A simple thing we can all do is try and focus on building, even if they are small, relationships with our team.  It can be as simple as getting to know their hobbies, asking about their family, learning their kids names, etc. If we are able to start building a relationship with people and have the position of leadership or we are in charge our team will be much more likely to get to the next level.  It’s one thing for our team to do what we suggest or listen to our advice because we are the boss, it is a whole other level when they listen to us because they want to because of the relationship we have built with them.  In my experience simply by trying to develop the relationship or having small talk with your team, they will bring up things they are struggling with or that they need help on.  If you never attempt to create that relationship they might never feel comfortable asking you questions or bringing up problems to you.  They may feel you are to busy or that you view them as unimportant enough to talk to and that they really play no key role in the team.  It becomes very hard to empower or develop leaders in your team if there is no relationship with them and your team will remain at a plateau.

Many of us leaders are so focused on results and production that we never take the time to get to know our team and help them develop into the leaders they could be.  The funny part is, by focusing on relationship building and empowering your team we are able to actually up production by developing our team.  They get better and produce more and want to do better because they like you as the leader and want you to succeed just as much as themselves!  People always want people they like to succeed, so if we are neglecting the key ingredient of building relationships in our team, we may never reach as high of levels of success as we could.  Don’t make the same mistake I did for many years by ignoring the people and relationship side of your business, you will be surprised how fast you can turn around some of your least productive people in your team by simply developing a relationship and environment that they can grow and prosper in!

Wishing you Health and Prosperity – Mike MacDonald

It’s your time!

Why not you, why not now? Are you waiting for success to come to you?  Are you waiting for every light to be green before you make a move? Well sorry to say it’s never going to be the “perfect” time! There will always be obstacles or things in the way for the perfect start to your next goal.  The only thing that creates results is action! Massive action equals massive results.  Enjoy the journey, part of the journey is overcoming obstacles and building you up to become the person you need to be in order to be successful in reaching your goal. You will never have a testimony with out a test.  In my opinion your success is all about your perspective and how you react to what happens. It’s never about the things that happen to you that makes the difference, it’s how you react to what happens to you that makes the real difference. You can look at the journey to your success like a guided missile heading towards its target. Almost all of the time the missile is off course and needs constant adjustment until it hits the target. You want to look at reaching your success in the same way. You will make mistakes, get off track, and reach hurdles that need to be overcome, but as long as you are focused on your end destination and constantly adjusting after your setbacks or mistakes you will eventually hit your goal as long as you don’t quit.  It’s an oldy but a goody “quitters never win and winners never quit.” What are you waiting for? Now is you time! Go get the success you are looking for! Why not you, Why not now!

Wishing you Health and prosperity – Mike MacDonald