Do You Get Bitter or Do You Get Better?

Do You Get Bitter or Do You Get Better-

I struggled with comparing my results to others more successful for a long time, even today it happens from time to time, but I heard a great piece of advice at a recent event and it was that “you can either get bitter or get better.”

Do You Get Bitter or Do You Get Better-

You need to run your own race

Often people are so focused on others success and they feel like they aren’t good enough or can’t achieve those same things. When you compare yourself to others and get upset you are really forgetting to factor in a lot of things.

One thing you should keep in mind is that everyone has their own race they need to run. Each person comes to the starting line from different places. Some people already have leadership skills, sales skills, people skills, marketing skills, etc. when they come to the starting line.

Where is your starting line?

Look at it like you are trying to run a 100 meter dash. The finish line is your end goal and the results you are looking to achieve.

Some people are going to come to the race and they are going to start on the 90 meter line and only have to take a few steps to finish. This is like the people that seem to become an overnight success in your business.

In reality they have just been working on themselves and developing their skills so much prior to the race that it seems like they are crushing you when you both started running.  However, it’s really more like their prior efforts allowed them to have a head start in the race.

At the same time maybe you feel like you should be succeeding just as fast but in reality you haven’t developed any of the skills, or relationships, or the leadership skills necessary to win at that level yet.

This of course doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed or can’t cross the finish line, far from it, it does however mean that you might need to go through a learning curve and get outside of your comfort zone first to reach your goals.

In my case I think I originally started a few miles away from the race track, and had to work on myself a considerable amount before I would even qualify to run in the race.

So next time you want to beat yourself up because you don’t think you are where you should be, remember everyone has their own race to run so stop comparing yourself to others. Again you have two choices you can either get bitter or get better!

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