What emotional environment are you creating in your organization


Are you creating an emotional environment of dissonance or harmony in your organization? This is in your control as a leader.  How you handle your emotions and interact with your team. If you, as a leader, can create an emotional environment that is positive vs negative, your team and organization can function much greater than if you created a negative one. When morale is high and positive interactions with customers generally improve and therefore more positive word of mouth occurs. If team members have a positive emotional environment to work in they are more likely to make more sales and perform better service as well. When there is a negative emotional environment in the organization there are several unwanted outcomes. One problem that the leader can create with a negative outlook and attitude is a trickle down effect creating resentment and poor interactions with customers. This in turn can lead to less sales, higher turnover in the workplace, and negative word of mouth from customers and clients.


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