Are you expecting massive results with a minimal effort?

motivation, expectations, work ethic, network marketing, network marketing training, network marketing success,

If you’re looking for get rich quick, go try the lottery, otherwise you shouldn’t be expecting massive results with a minimal effort while building your home business.

motivation, expectations, work ethic, network marketing, network marketing training, network marketing success,

There’s a cost to everything, either your time, or your money

It’s frustrating when I run into people who are given all the right tools, training, and steps to follow, but don’t get results because they don’t take action. I was chatting with a gentleman a few weeks ago and he was looking to build his business online but wasn’t sure what to do.

I made a few suggestions and recommended checking into some of the tools and training and systems I use that have documented results and his reply shocked me. He basically told me that he wasn’t willing to commit any time to learning new skills, wasn’t going to be watching any training videos, nor was he willing to invest any money.

Needless to say, our conversation didn’t last much longer. One thing you need to understand is that there is a cost for success. It might not always be money, but there is always an investment of some sorts.

This might be an investment of your time learning a new skill, an investment of sweat equity taking action, an investment of money to leverage your time, an investment of looking stupid while you fail while perfecting your techniques, etc.

As the old saying goes, “there ain’t no free lunch!”

Another thing to keep in mind is that you need to do enough effort to win big and massive action creates massive results

Unfortunately another common occurrence is that when people are brand new in their business, is that they put a minuscule amount of effort in and expect to move mountains. This is not how the real world works in anything.

Don’t blame the system for your results or look for the next shiny object when you never committed to success in the first place.

For example I’ve taught people my exact scripts and outlines to invite people to check out their businesses, ones that I still use on a daily basis, and that I’ve used to sign up hundreds of new reps and get new customers over the years, but after a few tries, I’m told they don’t work.

When it comes down to it I find out that they had invited around 2 to 4 people the past 2 months and they are telling me that there’s something wrong with my invites and that they don’t work. When in reality, it’s that they just weren’t working the invites.

The system will only work when you work it. Building a successful home business is just like getting in shape and losing weight at the gym.

Gyms, eating right and working out is proven to lose weight and get you in shape, but if you never go to the gym, never work out, and don’t eat right, it’s going to be pretty hard to get in shape.

If you never did any of the steps or only worked out twice a month, would you expect to be in great shape? Probably not right? But a lot of you out there are putting that kind of effort into your business and then blaming the business for not working.

That would be like blaming the gym for not working because you only went twice a month and didn’t get in shape. It’s not the company, the gym, the business, the invites, the system that isn’t working, most of the time, it’s you that’s not working.

So next time you look to blame the system, strategy, tools, or business for not working, take a serious look at how much you are working before you question whether what you are doing is working or not. More often than not it’s not the system that’s not working it’s that you just haven’t done enough yet to make it work.

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