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How to get someone who is skeptical to join your business or buy from you

A question I get from time to time is how to get someone who is skeptical to join your business or buy from you, and this post I cover some tips surrounding that question.

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How to get someone who is negative to join your business and buy from you…You Don’t!

Here’s the thing, a lot of people want some magic formula to convince someone who isn’t interested or that is skeptical or negative to buy from them and that’s just the complete wrong mindset to begin with.

Your job isn’t to convince someone who is negative or skeptical to join your business it’s to find people who are interested and open to your business and then share it with those people and help them get started.

A major place people end up struggling in their business is that they spend too much time talking to the wrong people. You don’t want to be focused on negative or skeptical people and making them become interested, your time is far better spent trying to reach someone who is interested and a good fit for your business.

A few examples of how to get someone who is skeptical to join your business is just wasting your time

Think of trying to get someone negative or skeptical about joining your business like trying to get a vegetarian to become a meat eater.

Let’s say you sold meat and you wanted to increase your sales and build a profitable meat business. Would your target market ever be vegetarians? You would certainly hope not.

Asking how to get someone who is skeptical or negative to join your business or buy from you is like asking how can you get vegetarians to want to buy meat from you?

You’re almost guaranteed to 100% waste your time, and if you did finally manage to convince a vegetarian to buy from you or join your meat sales team, they would probably quit soon after, or never be successful.

This is because if you convinced them to join you would have to convince them to promote it, and most likely someone who doesn’t believe in what you promote and represent will have an incredibly difficult time promoting and selling it to others.

Getting a NO is a normal part of building a successful business, and you have to accept that if you are ever going to be successful

Of course you want everyone to buy from you and it would be nice if you could some how find a way to do that, but in reality that’s just not how things work. I don’t care how amazing your business, products, services, or compensation plan is, you will never sign up 100% of the people you talk to.

Getting a no is just a part of getting to that next yes, and if you can’t accept that, you probably shouldn’t be in business to begin with. At the same time you should be focused on getting more yeses from the people you talk to, and a large factor in that is going to be talking to people who are actually open and interested in what you have.

Trying to convince and sell people on your business that have no interest in it what so ever will only leave you frustrated and hinder your results. You are much better off finding out if people are open first and then moving forward in your sales process from there.

Certainly don’t pre-judge people, but by all means pre-sort them. When it comes to prospecting and recruiting you are looking for people that are looking for you and qualifying your potential customers will save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

The only way to convince someone who is negative or skeptical

So there’s one possible way to get someone to potentially change their mind about what you do, but it definitely isn’t some magic one-liner that is going to change their attitude. The only way I’ve ever found someone to change their tune is when you go out and create massive success without them.

That’s right, you don’t convince them to join, buy, or get started, you go out and do it without them. You move on and keep building your business and once they start seeing you succeed some, and I emphasize some, may come back around and join you.

Even this isn’t a sure fire strategy, but this is the only one that will save you time, energy, frustration, and that keeps you on track to succeed in your business.

Stop looking to convince the haters, and go out and create so much success that they want to join you.


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