How to handle the I want to think about it objection in network marketing

How to handle the I want to think about it objection in network marketing

Are you sick of people giving you the I want to think about it objection in network marketing?

How to handle the I want to think about it objection in network marketing


Determine if the I want to think about it objection is real or just their way of saying no

The first thing you should do is try and isolate the objection and determine if the truly need to think about it or not. Most people think they are doing you a favor or somehow think that they are being nice if they don’t directly tell you no.

In reality it is much better to get a quick no than a drawn out maybe which makes it awkward for both parties. Lets face it, most people who are just getting started in network marketing are not professional sales people. Many have never even had a business either. I was in this same boat when I first joined the industry.

When you are brand new, and even some people who have been around a while, struggle with follow up. So when your friend or whoever you show your business, says they want to think about it, they are actually making it harder for you than just saying no.

To avoid this it’s best to directly ask your prospect if when they have the I want to think about it objection, if that really is their polite way of saying no. If someone is really not interested and that gives them the opportunity to tell you and makes it easier on both of you. If they really are interested they will tell you that, and you can determine what the real objection is.

People give you the I want to think about it objection so the don’t have to make a decision

Rarely do people actually need to “think about it”, most of the time they are really just avoiding making a decision. What they don’t understand is that thinking about it, is really just keeping them where they are at and frustrated.

Unless you totally sprung your presentation on someone you are probably showing them it to help them with some sort of pain.  Even if you did just spring your presentation on someone there most likely is going to be something your products or business could help them with in their life.

With this being the case, whatever they have been doing up until the point of you meeting with them has got them that result in their life. Choosing to not get started in your business or with your products, will only delay them from getting a result in the direction of their goals.

So a great way to handle the I want to think about it objection is to point out to them that thinking about it, is really a derision of staying where they are at.

You could say something like, “that’s totally fine if you want to think about it, and just understand that not getting started today is only going to keep you on the path of being frustrated with your job or you could decide to get started now and be on the way to creating that dream life you have always wanted.”

You shouldn’t blow these people out of the water or be rude, but just try and help them make a decision either way. Your job isn’t to convince them or hard close them or anything to that effect. You should be happy with a yes or a no decision, either way is great. Having people stay in a maybe is bad for everyone.

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