If you forget where you came from, you’re on your way back

If you forget where you came from, you're on your way back, goals, success, business, home business, leadership, leadership development

Often people are striving to build a successful business, but they neglect the leadership development end of things, and even if they start to achieve success they will quickly be on their way back.If you forget where you came from, you're on your way back, goals, success, business, home business, leadership, leadership development

Leadership development tip: You’re business will only grow to the point that you do

Staying plugged in and continually working on yourself is essential to building a large business. Of course you shouldn’t only spend your time on personal development, you still need to do income producing activities if you want to be successful.

The key is maintaining a balance of personal growth along with action. Unfortunately, sometimes people might get initial success out of the gates when they are building their business, but then they take their foot off the gas or then start to become unteachable.

As the old saying goes, the worst part of success is a little bit. When you reach some success quickly but then think that who you are now will take you to the top you are setting yourself up for a plateau.

What to do when you hit a plateau in your business

Plateaus are a normal part of building a business, at the same time there isn’t really a situation where your business will sit at a complete standstill. In most cases your business is either going forwards or backwards.

Most people say they are in a plateau, but in most cases they are really going backward. If you feel like you are in a plateau it’s essential to keep taking action and moving forward, but equally important is personal development.

Another great phrase I heard a long time ago is that you don’t just become a top earner in your company you have to become a top earner. In most cases you are going to need to develop new skills and develop as a leader if you want to make the kind of income a top earner makes, or succeed at that level.

This is why you see some people just shoot up through the ranks very quickly and reach the top fast. It’s because they were already the person they needed to be to succeed at that level when they started in the business.

Would you even be ready for the success you wish you were having now?

Another thing you might want to ask yourself if you are struggling is would you really be ready for the success you wish you were having? If the answer is no, that’s probably a good indication of why you aren’t at the level you wish you were.

I’ve run into people who are complaining about not having signed anyone up or that they don’t have any of their new team members hitting new levels or even taking action, well maybe you should take a look at the skills and actions required to make that happen.

If you wouldn’t be able to perform the tasks required to make that a reality, how could you expect that to be happening?

For example let’s say you were complaining that you hadn’t signed anyone up yet in your business. Do you know what questions to ask after the presentation?

How about do you know how to set up a 3 way call with an expert after a presentation?

Do you know the process to walk someone through to actually sign them up?

Do you have applications for someone to fill out after they say yes to joining your business?

If you answered no to any of those questions, that’s probably one of the reasons you aren’t signing people up.

You can’t expect to succeed at a high level if you aren’t prepared for it and you shouldn’t expect to have a huge team if you aren’t ready to lead them.

Of course part of building your business is learning while you earn and grow, but if you are stuck at a certain level or frustrated, it might be a good time to look in the mirror.

You can be successful and you can win big, all the skills are learn-able, you just need to learn them and back them up with action.

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