Is Your Initial Approach Ruining Your Chances Of Making A Sale In Your Business?

Is Your Initial Approach Ruining Your Chances Of Making A Sale In Your Business-

A lot of times people reach out to prospects and instead of focusing on what’s in it for the person they instead are only focused on trying to sell them something or recruiting them find out a need or want in your initial approach and you will make more sales.

Is Your Initial Approach Ruining Your Chances Of Making A Sale In Your Business-

Ask more probing question to determine a need or want

Too many times I’ve been approached by people about various businesses or money making opportunities and immediately they go right in for the kill. The first thing you always need to do is find out if someone is open if you are going to approach them about your business.

Nothing is more annoying when someone is trying to shove something down your throat and you have no interest in it what so ever. Not only is this thinking of your needs only and not the other person it will keep you from growing your business.

Your job shouldn’t be to convince people who aren’t interested in your business it should be to help people whom you can provide a solution to. If you don’t find out more about the person and what their needs and wants are you will never make any sales or grow your business.

The first step is always to find out more information about them and if you find a need or a want see if your prospect is OPEN to receiving help.

Have a reason or explanation when you ask people to do something in your initial approach

Another thing that I see people do is say things like “call me”, or “I hate messaging give me a call and we can talk there” in their initial approach. That’s fine to say in some situations, but when you are building a business time is money and when you tell people to do this, make sure they understand the reason behind this.

For example I had a guy the other day who’s response to me thanking him for following me, was just a message that said “call me…(his phone number)”.  My thoughts in response to this was “Why?”, “What for?”, “how can I help you?”. After about 6 messages back and forth and trying to work through vague messages on his end I was able to determine he wanted to joint venture on building his info product course, which at this point I was so annoyed with the conversation I had no interest what so ever to work with him.

For me at least I need a reason to take time out of my day to call someone and chat. Too many people spend time with the wrong prospects and tire kickers and that’s why they aren’t making sales and growing their business. Begin with the end in mind. If your business was to the point of bringing in hundreds of leads a month would you want to spend your valuable time talking to just any person who wants to chat and get your time and expertise for free?

No you wouldn’t, you would make sure there was a reason and purpose before you took the time out of your schedule and insure that there was something mutually beneficial that could happen when you invested your time talking to a prospect.

When you start out, take advantage of quantity and make it a numbers game, make up in numbers what you lack in skill. However, when you start to have more numbers than you can handle it becomes sorting through the numbers to find the quality.

If you don’t value your time, no one else will. So make sure you choose your conversations carefully and find a need or want that you can help with before spending hours of time with someone who doesn’t need or want your help. As the old saying goes there are plenty of fish in the sea…just make sure you are trying to catch the right fish and you can determine that by using an appropriate initial approach!


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