Is Your Leadership Level To The Point Of Getting The Results You Want In Your Business?

Is Your Leadership Level To The Point Of Getting The Results You Want In Your Business, leadership development, leadership level, leadership, leadership skills

A lot of the time as driven entrepreneurs we can get frustrated when we aren’t achieving the results we want, and most people forget to account in their leadership level into how much or how little results they are currently getting.

Is Your Leadership Level To The Point Of Getting The Results You Want In Your Business, leadership development, leadership level, leadership, leadership skills

Your business will only grow to the point that you do

The statement above is one of my favorite quotes and things I’ve learned from Jim Rohn and it holds as true today as it did the first time he talked about it. Unfortunately most people don’t seem to take this into account when they are building their businesses.

For example I’ve worked with a lot of people getting their business started and I’ve yet to find someone who wants to get off to a slow start while building their business. However it happens a lot.

Unfortunately again most of these people start to play the blame game or get overly discouraged when they aren’t crushing it right away. You definitely hear of stories where some people shoot to the top of companies rather quickly, and that can certainly happen, but it’s not really the norm.

In most cases the leaders in companies weren’t overnight successes, actually a lot of the time they were pretty terrible at whatever business they were in. However they all made the decision to become professionals and learn and develop the skills to win and kept moving forward despite their lack of initial success.

Work on yourself harder than you work on your job: Raise your leadership level

Another great quote and concept from Jim Rohn talks about working harder on yourself than you do on your job. This again ties in with the concept that your business will only grow to the point that you do.

Basically this means you need to improve on your skills and leadership and get better if you want your results to become better. I was having a conversation the other day with a new team member and they were frustrated with how they hadn’t gotten anyone started in their business yet.

This lead to a few things. One they weren’t going through the numbers. It doesn’t matter how good you are in your business you can make up in numbers what you lack in skill.

However if you aren’t going through the numbers how could you expect to get anyone started? If you wanted 100 new team members or wanted to make a full time income in your business but you’ve shown two people and only invited 10 to even take a look how would it even be possible to be making a significant income?

The answer is you couldn’t nor should you be expecting to.  If you aren’t putting in the action steps to win you have no one to blame but yourself for your current results.

A great question to ask yourself if you are frustrated

The other side of the coin in this scenario is would you even be ready for that to happen? For example a great question I asked them, (and it’s a good question to frequently ask yourself as well), was “If you had 10 people get started today, would you know what to do with them?”

No discredit to them or you if you would answer no to this question, however it does put things into perspective. You shouldn’t be expecting to get “X” desired result if you wouldn’t even know how to handle it if it did happen.

You can really substitute any result into this question and see if your leadership level is high enough to get that result. For example you could say, “If you had 1000 leads come in today, would you know what to do with them?”

You don’t magically not have problems as your business grows, you just simply have a different set of problems and obstacles you are faced with.

If you did answer no to your question, it’s probably time to invest in your training and skill sets to be able to handle the results you are looking to achieve. If you aren’t where you want to be complaining about it won’t make things change, improving yourself and leadership and skill sets will.

This is one reason I highly stress going to company events, taking courses, and investing in yourself as much as you can. I’ve never regretted going to an event, buying a course, or reading a book to improve my skills.

It certainly hasn’t been comfortable all the time’s I have, but it’s always been worth it. Sometimes I had to get out of work to go to an event, had to scrape together money to go, sacrifice time away from family or friends, but again it was a short term sacrifice for a long term gain, and it was worth it every time.

So if you are frustrated with your current results I highly suggest taking a long look in the mirror and start taking personal responsibility for your results and start to invest your energy, time, and money to raise your leadership level to where it needs to be to achieve the goals you truly want!


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