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Are You a Know It All? What You Need to Know About Personal Development

Personal growth and personal development and how to not be a know it all

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When you think you have nothing to learn, and that you are already at the top, and being a know it all, the only way is going backwards. When it comes to personal growth and personal development if you aren’t growing you’re dying. Sometimes people will attend a training event with their company, and they feel that since they have gone once they should never go again since they have been there before. Unfortunately every time you go you will probably learn something new or even if you hear the same things you will be at a new awareness level and still learn something new or see it in a new way.

How to tell if you are a know it all and when you need to do more personal growth and personal development

The kiss of death phrase is “I got it”. Have you ever tried to work with a team member that’s struggling and you know what they are doing wrong and you try and explain something and their response is, “I got that already”? Again this is a tell tale sign of being a know it all. The most successful people know that there is more that they don’t know then that they actually do know. They understand that personal growth and personal development is not a one time thing it is a process that the continually pour into to create better results for themselves.

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