Leadership Development: Do you think you don’t know enough or that you don’t know it all?

leadership, leadership development, leadership development coaching,

When it comes to leadership development, improving your leadership skills, and building your business, do you come from the mindset of not knowing enough, or that you don’t know everything yet. Depending on how you view things it could be holding you back from success.

leadership, leadership development, leadership development coaching,

Leadership development coaching: Why “I don’t know enough” can be bad

One of my favorite old sayings is that your business will only grow to the point that you do. Unfortunately, some people hear this and they get stuck in 100% learning mode and never take any action.

Now one of the best habits you can get into is doing daily personal development and working on yourself. Another great saying by one of my mentors Jim Rohn is work on yourself harder than you work on your job.

However this doesn’t mean you don’t work on your “job” or business at all.

A combo of both action and personal development is what can create massive results long term in your business. When you have the mindset of “I don’t know enough.” It will keep you at the same level.

I see too many people get stuck in procrastination or learning mode because they think they need to be perfect before they get started. That just isn’t the case.

You want it to be an earn while you learn business and that requires taking action.

Leadership development tip: Understand you don’t know it all, but you know enough to get started

Sometimes I meet people who are struggling in their business and a main cause is that they think they know it all. Basically they are very unteachable and they don’t follow the proven system for results and try and do everything their own way.

You certainly want to have confidence that you can be successful, but you still want to match and model people who have already been successful.

This is where the concept of understanding that you don’t know it all comes into play and the need for leadership development. This is slightly different than “I don’t know enough” because you are still working on yourself and getting better, but you don’t let that stop you from moving forward.

For example I used to struggle with having the mindset that I didn’t know enough to be successful. I would hold back form giving it my all because of fear that I didn’t know enough as other leaders, so for some reason I didn’t deserve to be at a higher level of success yet, until I learned more.

Often it’s much better to be ignorance on fire, than knowledge on ice. Of course ideally you want to be knowledge on fire, but that comes with time. “Knowledge on fire” is something to build up to not wait on until you take action.

Focus on getting better daily in combination with daily action steps and your business will start to take off.

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