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Sep 09

How to get someone who is skeptical to join your business or buy from you

A question I get from time to time is how to get someone who is skeptical to join your business or buy from you, and this post I cover some tips surrounding that question. How to get someone who is negative to join your business and buy from you…You Don’t! Here’s the thing, a lot …

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Aug 21

Do you embrace the struggle?

Unfortunately many people think that building their home business should be free of challenges, nothing great was achieved with ease, and you need to embrace the struggle while you are building your business. There is no testimony without a test Taking personal responsibility for your own results is something you’ll have to do if you …

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Aug 02

If you forget where you came from, you’re on your way back

Often people are striving to build a successful business, but they neglect the leadership development end of things, and even if they start to achieve success they will quickly be on their way back. Leadership development tip: You’re business will only grow to the point that you do Staying plugged in and continually working on …

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Jul 31

You need to either choose your fear or your desire to succeed

Whenever you are striving to be better and reach some sort of goal, you will always have two choices, you can either choose your fears keeping you from your goal or taking action and following through on your desire to succeed. Are you going to let your fear and possible what ifs keep you from …

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Jul 28

Are you holding your team back by coddling them?

We all want out team members to grow and develop as fast as possible, but sometimes people make the mistake of coddling their team and end up holding them back. Are you holding your team back? Your goal should be to make yourself insignificant to the growth of your team The last thing you want …

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