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Learn the Mindset Necessary to Take Your Business to the Top

Jul 06

Are you being so cheap with your business that it’s costing you money?

Keeping your overheads low is always a good idea when you are building your business, but are you making the mistake of being too cheap with your business that it’s actually costing you money? Keeping costs down is good, but being cheap with your business is not One aspect that tends to hold people back …

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Jun 30

Are you focused too much on personal development?

Personal development should definitely be something to focus on daily, but there is a point where you can end up focusing too much on personal development. With Personal Development You Can Get Better Every Day One thing that I talk about a lot is the fact that your business will only grow to the point …

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Jun 19

Are you a glass half full person or a glass half empty person?

A lot of people struggle with building a successful business because they are a glass half empty person rather than a glass half full person and all they see are obstacles vs opportunity. Why being a glass half empty person can hold you back There’s really two sides of the coin for everything that happens …

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Jun 13

You need to avoid getting emotionally attached to the outcome of your business presentation

One thing I’ve found that a lot of people new to network marketing struggle with is that they get emotionally attached to the outcome of their business presentations, and take a no way too hard.  Building a successful network marketing business is a numbers game If you want to be a top earner in network …

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May 12

Leadership Development Coaching: Do You Take Ownership Regardless Of The Results?

A lot of people want to be leaders, but unfortunately many of them need some leadership development coaching, especially when it comes to taking ownership and personal responsibility for their results. Leadership development coaching tip #1: Have an if it’s meant to be it’s up to me attitude Most people want all the recognition and …

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