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Network Marketing Recruiting Tips On How To Be More Effective With Prospecting In Network Marketing

A lot of people struggle with network marketing recruiting and prospecting in network marketing, I’ve found there are a few things you should focus on to improve your results.

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Network Marketing Recruiting Tips: Who you should start talking to when you are new

When it comes to prospecting in network marketing and network marketing recruiting it can be a bit overwhelming of who you should talk to first. There are a lot of schools of thought on this, but in most companies they teach you to start with your warm market and people that you know.

There are a few valid reasons for this and in my opinion as well this is where you should start with your network marketing recruiting. One of the main reasons I say this is because everyone has a learning curve when it comes to prospecting in network marketing.

People do business with those that they know, like, and trust, and the great part about your warm market is that they usually fall into all of those categories. In addition to that it’s usually much easier to get your company information in front of those people rather that directly approaching cold market, or people that you don’t know.

An added benefit of approaching your warm market first while you are recruiting in network marketing is that they will most likely cut you some slack if you screw things up. There is a right way and a wrong way to invite while you are prospecting in network marketing and unfortunately most people screw it up when they are new.

Network Marketing Recruiting tips: See if people are open and then share your business

One of the most common ways people screw up prospecting in network marketing is that they aren’t inviting properly and instead of asking if someone is open and then transitioning into their presentation, they basically give a presentation and then try and ask someone to take a look.

Verbally vomiting or saying way too much up front is the quickest way to ruin a network marketing recruiting opportunity. Your goal should be to get people to see your presentation for what it really is and not try and sell them or convince them before they even see the information.

If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to check out my free Inviting Mastery webinar on Prospecting in network marketing HEREwww.coachmikemacdonald.com/IM   That way you can start to master network marketing recruiting the correct way without turning off a majority of your prospects.

How to improve your prospecting in network marketing beyond your warm market

Warm market is a great place to start when you are recruiting in network marketing, but it also makes sense to scale your business online beyond that as well. One thing a lot of people may encounter when they are building their network marketing business is that their warm market may not be as receptive as they would like.

This could be from several reasons, such as, not inviting correctly, low influence with your warm market, lack of credibility with your contacts, small network, etc. This however is not a reason to quit network marketing or be the only way to build your business.

Scaling your business can come into play at this point as well as actively prospecting through social media. Branching out into cold market through active prospecting and passive marketing should be a skill you can learn as you start expanding beyond your warm market.

This level of network marketing recruiting does require more skill, but it also does have more leverage with it. Typically with network marketing you create leverage when you build a sales team and organization. Unfortunately when you solely rely on warm market and active prospecting there isn’t any leverage while you are prospecting in network marketing.

How to add leverage to your prospecting in network marketing

Now the other side of how to improve your network marketing recruiting efforts is with adding in passive marketing and lead generation into your active prospecting with warm and cold market.

Passive marketing is creating value based content to benefit your target market and then they will exchange their information and become a lead for that content. For example let’s say you market weight loss or have a nutrition based network marketing business.

Your lead magnet or free content give away, could be something like a 10 step guide to lose 10 pounds.  Or maybe you are a personal trainer and you could give away a free 6 step work out to get great abs.

Again it doesn’t matter what you market if you have a value based lead magnet that your target market wants, you can start to get quality targeted leads. The awesome part about this is it starts to develop a way to leverage your prospecting in network marketing.

Setting up a system to leverage your prospecting in network marketing is one of the best network marketing recruiting tips I could possibly recommend.  The fact is that if you are limited on time or you just want to scale your business faster, creating passive marketing content around your active prospecting is essential.

The reason you are struggling scaling your business online is that you don’t have the right tools, system, or training. Be sure to check out the system I first learned how to generate leads with and still use today HERE.


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