Network Marketing Recruiting Training: Giving your prospects an out

Network marketing recruiting training giving your prospects an out is another form of a take away

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Aggressiveness isn’t always the best option when it comes to network marketing recruiting. When you are recruiting in network marketing you want to be more like a fisherman vs being a hunter. When you are being aggressive and being a hunter people run, however when you are being a fisherman people want to come to you. If in your invite you give your prospects a way to say no they will be far more comfortable moving forward. For example you could say “hey Jim, I couldn’t help but overhear that you have been saying you have been frustrated at work and have been looking for a way to spend more time with your kids, I can’t promise anything but I think I found a way for you to do that and I thought you might be interested, would you be open to checking it out?” At this point they will either say yes or no, if it’s a no move on, if it’s a yes you simply move them to the next step to see a presentation.

Recruiting in network marketing is all about setting an appointment and not presenting in advance

One of the most valuable network marketing recruiting training I know is say less to more people. The more people you simply invite to take a look and see your business for what it really is vs trying to explain everything up front the better results you will have. Often times people when they are new move into presentation mode too soon and ruin their appointment. Quick network marketing recruiting training tip: Think of showing your business like a movie preview, they pump you up and get you excited to see the movie, but they don’t tell you the major plot twists, who dies in the end, etc. however when you go into presentation mode too soon this is what happens. You give away the end of the movie before your prospects see the movie and after that they think they know what happens and they no longer want to see it anymore.

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