Network Marketing Training: Getting Your New Reps Started Right

One thing most people need network marketing training on is that they don’t start their new reps correctly

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The first thing your network marketing training should focus on when doing a game plan with your new rep is to set proper expectations for the results they are expecting to get in the business. This can come in a few areas, one is on how much income the new rep expects to make and how fast. Another area they can have wrong expectations is how much time and effort they will need to have to become successful. A third area is that they have improper expectations when it comes to being teachable and coachable. So you want to cover all of these bases when you do a game plan with your new rep.

Create fast network marketing success when your Network Marketing Training focuses on the idea of teach to teach

Begin with the end in mind, when you get a new rep started have in your mind the idea that they will become independent as quickly as possible. You want a large organization of independent self sufficient distributors in your business. In order to do this you need to be teaching your reps how to teach and how to think, not just what to think. In a job and almost all of our lives we are taught what to think, but very rarely why to think that way. That is a key difference between someone who creates a large organization and a small one is that they teach their team why to think what they should think, or coming full circle and teaching the philosophy behind what they are teaching.

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I would realistically look at building a successful network marketing business as a 3-5 year project to build a successful 10k a month income. Sure, some will get there faster, but the majority of people will take at least 3 years to be able to make that happen.  This means you will need to do “COLD MARKET RECRUITING” in addition to Warm Market Recruiting, AND you will need a high volume lead generating system or you won’t make it very far. Network Marketing is a numbers game, and without the Numbers and Leads you have no business. If you don’t already have a High Volume Lead Generating System for your business….


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