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Network Marketing Tips and Training to Help You Build a Successful Home Business

Jul 14

When should you quit your job and go full time in network marketing

A lot of people see the income potential in network marketing and unfortunately, they end up quitting their job too soon, so today’s post I give some tips on when you should quit your job and go full time in network marketing. Having a job while building your business isn’t the end of the world …

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Jun 30

Are you focused too much on personal development?

Personal development should definitely be something to focus on daily, but there is a point where you can end up focusing too much on personal development. With Personal Development You Can Get Better Every Day One thing that I talk about a lot is the fact that your business will only grow to the point …

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Jun 23

You need to be using me too statements in your business presentations and avoid not me statements

A lot of people unknowingly turn off their prospects in their business presentations or while prospecting, and the major cause is not using me too statements, and instead they use a lot of not me statements. The difference in a me too statement and a not me statement Being agreeable and interested in what people …

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Jun 19

Are you a glass half full person or a glass half empty person?

A lot of people struggle with building a successful business because they are a glass half empty person rather than a glass half full person and all they see are obstacles vs opportunity. Why being a glass half empty person can hold you back There’s really two sides of the coin for everything that happens …

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Jun 15

Are you telling your prospects and team what they want to hear or need to hear?

It may seem counter intuitive, but if you shouldn’t tell your team and prospects what they want to hear, you need to tell them what they need to hear. Don’t be a “yes man” and only tell people what they want to hear I struggled for a long time at building my business because I …

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