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Dec 29

Are you throwing too many right hooks in your marketing?

Most online marketers seem to only pitch and never provide any value, as Gary Vaynerchuk would say that’s way too many right hooks and not enough jabs in your marketing. Too many right hooks or sales pitches will push people away form you not attract them to you Are you building any value with your …

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Jul 25

How to handle the I want to think about it objection in network marketing

Are you sick of people giving you the I want to think about it objection in network marketing?   Determine if the I want to think about it objection is real or just their way of saying no The first thing you should do is try and isolate the objection and determine if the truly …

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Jun 28

If you aren’t using icebreakers you probably aren’t making sales

Using icebreakers are key to making sales and building rapport while prospecting. Without using icebreakers you are going to lack the rapport to close the deal One thing I know I struggled with in the past is focusing on building rapport first. When you are having a conversation with someone you need to build rapport …

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May 22

Closing training on tonality and tips you need to know for network marketing closing

Closing training and tips you can use to improve your network marketing closing ratio   Closing Training – Tonality plays a large role in your network marketing closing ratio I remember when I was new in network marketing and I was afraid to ask for the sale and I struggled with network marketing closing. Another …

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Mar 30

How to be a good salesperson without being pushy and increase sales

How to be a good salesperson starts with listening and asking questions to increase sales So many times people try and increase sales by being pushy or more aggressive and closing harder. I used to do this and it got me a few more sales here and there but most of them quit right away …

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