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Self management training: You only get what you can manage effectively

Self Management Training: You can’t wait till you have results to start to manage what you have

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Unfortunately a lot of people practice backwards thinking when they are trying to build their dreams and they buy into their own excuses and don’t practice effective self management training. One idea that people practice backwards thinking is in their finances. For example a lot of people are in debt and aren’t making the money they have to, to reach their goals and they say things like “I’ll start saving when I am making more money” or “I’ll start allocating money for paying off my debts when I get a better job”. The thing is that unless you start forming the success habits now or start practicing self management now you will never get to the point where you can manage more if you don’t manage what you have now.

Don’t make the mistake of backwards thinking and start your self management training today

For example people sometimes say when building their business that they can’t afford to go to training or invest in themselves and that they want to start making money first and then they will go to training. This is complete backwards thinking and that would be the equivalent of getting D’s and C’s in school and waiting until you are getting A’s and B’s before you hire a tutor. With that mindset and that self management strategy you will never achieve A’s and B’s. If you aren’t getting the results you want it is time to getting a business tutor or financial tutor or coach to help guide you to your success and goals.

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