Success in MLM: Recruiting your Chicken List

Success in MLM How to approach and recruit your chicken list in MLM

Are you finding you don’t know how to approach the most successful people you know about your products or service? Are you looking to recruit more leaders in your Network Marketing business? In today’s video I cover how to create success in MLM and how to recruit your chicken list and most successful prospects. A great thing you can do when recruiting your chicken list in mlm you should ask for their opinion and boost their ego. After you do that you can ask them if you could get an hour of their time because you really respect their advice on things.

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2 Comments on “Success in MLM: Recruiting your Chicken List

  1. Would love to have your opinion on the way I work!
    See, i m a quick learner :p

    Hope to get to meet you and see how you can help me get the success I should be getting!

    Celine and

    • Haha quick learner indeed! Get out there and implement it with your business! Feel free to connect with me on Facebook or shoot me an email if you have topics you would like me to cover in future posts. Have a good one! – Mike

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