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Jul 10

You need to do this one thing to dramatically increase your business

What is one skill, that if you mastered it, would make a huge impact on your business? What about one thing that if you stopped doing it, would make a big difference in your business? Find one skill that could impact your business and focus on it A great question to ask yourself is, if …

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Feb 28

Is Your Leadership Level To The Point Of Getting The Results You Want In Your Business?

A lot of the time as driven entrepreneurs we can get frustrated when we aren’t achieving the results we want, and most people forget to account in their leadership level into how much or how little results they are currently getting. Your business will only grow to the point that you do The statement above …

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Jan 21

Are you listening to the wrong people while building your business?

Are you listening to the wrong people while building your business, if so it could be keeping you from your best results. Pay Attention to people who have the results you want A lot of the time when you are building your home business, you will have haters and negative people, or even friends and …

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Nov 28

Are You Only Learning Through Trial And Error?

A big mistake I learned the hard way when I was new at building my business, is that I only wanted to learn through trial and error, rather than investing in myself. Investing in yourself will save you money, not cost you money A lot of people get started in their home business and try …

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Sep 25

How many tools do you have in your tool belt when you are building your business?

Having one thing to offer to your prospects is definitely better than nothing, but don’t limit your potential market by not having enough tools in your tool belt while building your business. A lot of people only have one offer and if it isn’t what your prospect needs or wants you are out of luck …

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