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Jan 17

Are You Being Agreeable When Your Prospect Has Objections?

One thing I really used to struggle with while closing in network marketing was being agreeable first with my prospect when I had to overcome an objection. Don’t put people on the defensive while you are overcoming objections in network marketing A lot of people tend to close too quickly after they get an objection. …

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Jul 25

How to handle the I want to think about it objection in network marketing

Are you sick of people giving you the I want to think about it objection in network marketing?   Determine if the I want to think about it objection is real or just their way of saying no The first thing you should do is try and isolate the objection and determine if the truly …

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Jul 10

Network marketing closing tips you need to avoid this problem

Network marketing closing tips – Don’t blow people out of the water if they don’t join right away. Network marketing closing tips – It’s all about timing Timing is a huge factor when you are prospecting and recruiting in network marketing. Obviously you should still work on your network marketing closing skills, but everyone goes …

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Jun 16

3 effective closing questions you can use in network marketing

When you are closing in network marketing you want to close early and close often, so here are 3 effective closing questions you can use to build your network marketing business. One thing that a lot of new reps struggle with is not asking closing questions and talking themselves out of a sale A common …

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May 22

Closing training on tonality and tips you need to know for network marketing closing

Closing training and tips you can use to improve your network marketing closing ratio   Closing Training – Tonality plays a large role in your network marketing closing ratio I remember when I was new in network marketing and I was afraid to ask for the sale and I struggled with network marketing closing. Another …

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