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Aug 29

Are you focused on where you are at or where you are going to be?

All to often people focus on the past or what their current negative situation is instead of where they want to go and who they want to become. You can’t become successful always looking in the rear view mirror In order to become successful you need to stop focus on what’s going wrong or the …

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Jul 21

Get your new sales reps started fast to create momentum in network marketing

Getting your new reps started fast in network marketing can create massive momentum in your team. Momentum in network marketing starts with driving depth Do you ever ask your new reps to get things started in their business and make a list of everyone that they know and then the next day they say they …

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Jul 07

2 things you need to know that will get you success vs failure

There are a few key things that separate people from success vs failure and today’s video I cover 2 of them. Success vs Failure – Do you have discipline Most people know what they need to do to be successful in their home business. For example everyone knows that you need to prospect and show …

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Jun 19

Are you using The 5 C’s for building your home business?

Do you know the 5 C’s for building your home business? When you follow these 5 C’s you are almost guaranteed to build a successful home business It doesn’t matter what kind of home business you have if you follow these 5 C’s you will start to get results and build your brand. Collect: The …

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Jun 17

Proven Marketing tips for your home business success: Does anyone know you’re in business?

One of my favorite marketing tips is to not prejudge people in your business. Marketing tips: Your job isn’t to convince everyone to buy or join simply to just show them A common mistake that people make is they think they have to convince all of their friends and family to join their business in …

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