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Jul 10

You need to do this one thing to dramatically increase your business

What is one skill, that if you mastered it, would make a huge impact on your business? What about one thing that if you stopped doing it, would make a big difference in your business? Find one skill that could impact your business and focus on it A great question to ask yourself is, if …

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Feb 15

Are You Just Saying You Want To Be A Success Or Are You Actually Taking Action To Make It Happen?

All too often people spend so much time complaining about where they are at and the success they want to have, but they never take any action to make their dreams and goals a reality. Stop complaining and start doing I’m constantly encountering people who want to improve their situation, whether that’s starting a business, …

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Jan 22

What asking “Do I have to?” really means…

One thing I have heard a lot over the years of prospecting and building teams is when people say “do I have to…?”, if you have ever thought this, there are a few things you should keep in mind. You don’t “HAVE TO” do anything Sometimes you’ll hear people say “do I have to pay …

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Dec 16

Are you Treating your Business like a Business or Just a Hobby?

A lot of people who aren’t getting results in their home business is because they aren’t treating their business like a business. Do you have the tools your home business needs to succeed A lot of people join a network marketing business or start marketing online and they just toy around with it because it …

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Nov 05

Are you focused on your problems or where you are going?

A common thing people struggle with is focusing on their problems alone and not on where they are going. Ask yourself if you are focused on the goal or the obstacles¬†in route to it It’s still a great question to ask yourself though as well in the fact that you may be doing this to …

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