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May 05

Are You Congruent With What You Represent In Your Business?

If you aren’t being a product of the product and if you aren’t congruent with what you represent as a business it could be costing you a lot of revenue. Being a product of the product not only makes sense but it gives you credibility Unfortunately I run into a lot people marketing their businesses …

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Dec 01

Are Your Priorities Keeping You Broke?

All to often I’ll encounter people who say they want to create success and build a huge business, but their priorities aren’t what they need to be in order to succeed. Building a successful business is going to take some sacrifice A key concept to keep in mind is that whatever you have been doing …

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Jun 23

How to control the conversation in network marketing

You need to know how to control the conversation in network marketing if you want to be effective at prospecting. How to control the conversation: Don’t blast your link One mistake that a lot of people make is that they blast their company links everywhere and this ruins any chance to control the conversation. Your …

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Jun 17

Proven Marketing tips for your home business success: Does anyone know you’re in business?

One of my favorite marketing tips is to not prejudge people in your business. Marketing tips: Your job isn’t to convince everyone to buy or join simply to just show them A common mistake that people make is they think they have to convince all of their friends and family to join their business in …

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Dec 08

Crucial Home Business Success Tips: Have You Reached Your Leadership Lid?

Are you at a plateau? You may have reached your leadership lid Everyone reaches a plateau in their business it might come sooner or later in your home business but expect it. The real question you need to ask yourself is are you going to quit when you hit your plateau or are you going …

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