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Apr 19

Are You Bigger Than Your Problems?

Do you feel you can’t reach your goals, build your business, or take the action steps necessary to win, if you do ,you need to ask yourself are you bigger than your problems? I don’t care how successful you get you still have problems If you think once you are successful or start to get …

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Apr 05

Are You Trying To Shortcut The Shortcut In Your Home Business?

A lot of people struggle with having a lottery ticket mentality and they are always looking for shortcuts to build their home business. Here’s the thing, you already are in the “shortcut” to success by building a home business, but there isn’t a shortcut to the shortcut. Having a home business isn’t perfect but it is …

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Feb 28

Is Your Leadership Level To The Point Of Getting The Results You Want In Your Business?

A lot of the time as driven entrepreneurs we can get frustrated when we aren’t achieving the results we want, and most people forget to account in their leadership level into how much or how little results they are currently getting. Your business will only grow to the point that you do The statement above …

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Dec 01

Are Your Priorities Keeping You Broke?

All to often I’ll encounter people who say they want to create success and build a huge business, but their priorities aren’t what they need to be in order to succeed. Building a successful business is going to take some sacrifice A key concept to keep in mind is that whatever you have been doing …

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Nov 28

Are You Only Learning Through Trial And Error?

A big mistake I learned the hard way when I was new at building my business, is that I only wanted to learn through trial and error, rather than investing in myself. Investing in yourself will save you money, not cost you money A lot of people get started in their home business and try …

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