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Apr 05

Are You Trying To Shortcut The Shortcut In Your Home Business?

A lot of people struggle with having a lottery ticket mentality and they are always looking for shortcuts to build their home business. Here’s the thing, you already are in the “shortcut” to success by building a home business, but there isn’t a shortcut to the shortcut. Having a home business isn’t perfect but it is …

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Jan 03

Do You Roll With The Punches While Building Your Home Business?

Sometimes building your home business is going to feel like a boxing match, but are you rolling with the punches or do you get hit once and are down for the count? Everyone faces challenges when they are building their home business Just because someone has become successful doesn’t mean they had no problems along …

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Aug 05

Leadership development training: focus on what you can control

There are several aspects to building a successful home business and when you focus on what you can control it will take a lot of the stress out of it. Leadership Development Training: Focus on what you can control – Inviting When it comes to duplication in your business there are several steps that you …

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Jun 29

Leadership development: How valuable are you becoming?

Leadership development isn’t an overnight thing, and you should ask yourself how valuable are you becoming. Leadership development tips: What value are bringing to the market Are you increasing your value? A key concept you should keep in mind when building your business is that your business will only grow as much as you do. …

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May 09

Are you setting expectations correctly for your home based business team?

Setting expectations in your home based business with your new team members should be a big focus when someone new starts in your business. Often times people new to a home based business have a lottery ticket mentality and setting expectations for them that it will take time and effort to build a solid business …

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