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Jun 23

Do you have a Money Making Mindset?

Do you have a Money Making Mindset for your Home Business? Many people start their business with a get rich quick mindset and when they don’t get instant results they quit or beat themselves up mentally. If you have the right mindset going into your business you will get better results and will be able …

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Jun 08

Team Building Tips: 3 Things People Need to Know Before they Join your Team

Team Building Tips – How to do Network Marketing Do you ever get objections when you show someone your business? Do you ever have people say they like what they see, but need to think about it? Are you sick of people saying they need to do their research after a presentation? In Today’s video …

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Jun 07

What’s Your Vision?

Do you have a large vision for success in your business? If you have a weak vision for your business you are probably having weak results What’s your vision for your business? Are you living up to your potential? Are you frustrated in your business and not achieving the success you think you can? As …

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Jun 05

MLM Success Tips: What to do if you are New or Struggling in MLM

MLM success tips weather you are new or still struggling with building a successful business. MLM success tips: Make your list and don’t pre-judge Do you struggle with recruiting in your MLM business? Are you New to MLM and don’t know what to do? Have you been in MLM for a while and just aren’t …

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Jun 04

How to Overcome Procrastination

Do you struggle with procrastination in your business? Are you at a loss for what to do to have your business be productive? In today’s video I cover how to overcome procrastination and become a success in your business. Wishing you Health and Prosperity – Mike MacDonald ———————————————————- Are you looking for a way to …

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