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Jun 13

You need to avoid getting emotionally attached to the outcome of your business presentation

One thing I’ve found that a lot of people new to network marketing struggle with is that they get emotionally attached to the outcome of their business presentations, and take a no way too hard.  Building a successful network marketing business is a numbers game If you want to be a top earner in network …

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May 02

Are You Even Giving Yourself A Chance To Succeed In Your Online Business?

Are You Even Giving Yourself A Chance To Succeed In Your Online Business-

Do you even give yourself a chance to win when you are building your online business, or do you quit at the first sign of difficulty? Don’t quit before your breakthrough while building your online business Unfortunately a lot of people have a lottery ticket mentality and don’t make the decision to become a professional …

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Oct 01

Who should you be working with in your home business

One thing you will encounter when you are building your home business is people who’s ego is bigger than their bank account. Knowing who you should be working with when you are building a home business will save you a lot of time and frustration You want to spend time with people who deserve it …

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Jun 12

Success in MLM is like Getting a new Video Game

Looking for some MLM success tips? Are you new in MLM and owning a home business? Do you want to know how to create success in mlm? In today’s video I give some nerd wisdom on how creating success in MLM is a lot like getting a new video game. Many people look at success …

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Jun 11

MLM Recruiting Secrets – Are You Recruiting Up?

One of the best MLM recruiting secrets you should know is that you should be recruiting up when you are prospecting in your home business. MLM Recruiting Secrets: Focus on people who want more in Life not the ones who need more A common mistake people make when they are new is they focus on …

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