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May 15

Are you expecting massive results with a minimal effort?

If you’re looking for get rich quick, go try the lottery, otherwise you shouldn’t be expecting massive results with a minimal effort while building your home business. There’s a cost to everything, either your time, or your money It’s frustrating when I run into people who are given all the right tools, training, and steps …

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Jan 22

What asking “Do I have to?” really means…

One thing I have heard a lot over the years of prospecting and building teams is when people say “do I have to…?”, if you have ever thought this, there are a few things you should keep in mind. You don’t “HAVE TO” do anything Sometimes you’ll hear people say “do I have to pay …

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Sep 12

People who create network marketing success didn’t have it easy

A lot of times people see those who have created network marketing success and think that they some how had it easy, however that is not the case. Some may create network marketing success very quickly, but that doesn’t mean they had it easy Everyone comes into network marketing at different levels, some people have …

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Mar 21

Can you create network marketing success without a large network?

Network marketing success doesn’t completely depend on if you have a huge network to start. Sometimes people get the idea in their head that they can’t create network marketing success if they don’t have a huge center of influence or if they don’t have a ton of close friends. With the 6 degrees of separation …

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Feb 06

Network Marketing Training: Getting Your New Reps Started Right

One thing most people need network marketing training on is that they don’t start their new reps correctly The first thing your network marketing training should focus on when doing a game plan with your new rep is to set proper expectations for the results they are expecting to get in the business. This can come in …

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