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Jul 28

Are you holding your team back by coddling them?

We all want out team members to grow and develop as fast as possible, but sometimes people make the mistake of coddling their team and end up holding them back. Are you holding your team back? Your goal should be to make yourself insignificant to the growth of your team The last thing you want …

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Apr 05

Are You Trying To Shortcut The Shortcut In Your Home Business?

A lot of people struggle with having a lottery ticket mentality and they are always looking for shortcuts to build their home business. Here’s the thing, you already are in the “shortcut” to success by building a home business, but there isn’t a shortcut to the shortcut. Having a home business isn’t perfect but it is …

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Feb 07

Why Having An Email Autoresponder Can Lead To More Sales In Your Home Business

One thing that people really tend to struggle with in their home business is with follow up, well if you use an email autoresponder it can really help you increase your sales and improve your follow up. Stalking your prospects isn’t a good way to follow up Now there is obviously a difference with following …

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Feb 03

Mindset Tips You Need For Helping Your New Team Members Succeed

Obviously you want all of your team members to succeed while you are building your business and organization, however you shouldn’t sacrifice your success trying to help people who won’t help themselves. Mindset tips: Work where you are deserved not where you are needed I was having a conversation a while back with someone who …

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Jan 09

How To Overcome Objections In Network Marketing: 7 Steps To Overcome Any Objection

A major struggling point for most network marketers is how to overcome objections in network marketing, so here are 7 steps to over come any objection. Steps of How to overcome objections in network marketing Hear out your prospect fully:  Sometimes your prospects will talk themselves into joining your business, and when you fully let …

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