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Nov 29

Should you approach your friends and family about your home business?

One thing to keep in mind while you are building your home business is the fact that you don’t need your friends and family to join your business in order to become successful, but you should still see if they are open to it. If you don’t share your home business…someone else will A common …

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Jul 13

Things you need to avoid while doing network marketing online

There is a right way and a wrong way to do network marketing online. Don’t sent your link without asking when doing network marketing online The first thing to do when you are prospecting is to find out if someone is open before you send them a link to learn more about your business. So …

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Apr 21

How you can be more effective at mlm recruiting

MLM recruiting tips: while observing an attempt of out and about prospecting I was out at a restaurant the other day and at the bar and I overheard and observed a gentleman trying to prospect the bartender. I gathered that he wasn’t in the same company as me so I figured I would take the …

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Apr 15

Network marketing prospecting tips: Are you fishing in the right pond?

Network marketing prospecting training: Are you focused on the right people? I’ve heard it so many time and I know I even said it myself when I was new, which is that I don’t know anyone or my friends wouldn’t do this sort of thing or my friends are all broke and they will say …

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Mar 02

How to deal with anxiety when prospecting

Everyone gets some degree of nervousness when prospecting so here are some prospecting tips on how to deal with anxiety while prospecting. One easy way how to deal with anxiety while building your business is that you should in your mind determine what is the worst case scenario in certain situations. One thing you will …

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