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Jun 15

Are you telling your prospects and team what they want to hear or need to hear?

It may seem counter intuitive, but if you shouldn’t tell your team and prospects what they want to hear, you need to tell them what they need to hear. Don’t be a “yes man” and only tell people what they want to hear I struggled for a long time at building my business because I …

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Jan 08

Are you saying weird things while you are prospecting for your business?

One thing I find that a lot of online marketers and home business owners do is that they overuse cliche lines that don’t work for cold market recruiting. When you are cold market recruiting, you need to still act normal like you would with warm market A common mistake that people make while marketing their …

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Dec 19

Home Business Prospecting Tips: Not Everyone Is A Fit For Your Business

One of the best home business prospecting tips I can give you is to understand that not everyone you share your business with or prospect is going to be a good fit for your home business. Home Business Prospecting Tips: Get out of the Everyone is going to join my business and should join mentality …

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Nov 01

Are you showing up to your appointments?

It’s unfortunate that I need to say it but are you showing up for your appointments while you are building your home business…even when you don’t feel like it? How you show up in anything is how you show up in everything One thing that people who are struggling in their home business don’t seem …

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Oct 01

Who should you be working with in your home business

One thing you will encounter when you are building your home business is people who’s ego is bigger than their bank account. Knowing who you should be working with when you are building a home business will save you a lot of time and frustration You want to spend time with people who deserve it …

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