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Jun 23

You need to be using me too statements in your business presentations and avoid not me statements

A lot of people unknowingly turn off their prospects in their business presentations or while prospecting, and the major cause is not using me too statements, and instead they use a lot of not me statements. The difference in a me too statement and a not me statement Being agreeable and interested in what people …

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Jun 06

Sales Training on Sales Skills for Developing Rapport

Most people could use some Sales Training on Sales Skills for Developing Rapport. In my opinion almost all of sales comes down to relationships and developing rapport with your prospect. In today’s video I cover some sales training on improving your sales skills for developing rapport. Once you have gone through building some initial rapport …

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Feb 25

Easy Tips on How to Build Instant Rapport

How to build rapport with prospects is one thing many network marketers struggle with. How to Build Rapport through using commonality Do you struggle with meeting new people and developing relationships. Have a hard time with small talk like I used to? One goal for how to build instant rapport is to get to some …

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