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Jul 10

You need to do this one thing to dramatically increase your business

What is one skill, that if you mastered it, would make a huge impact on your business? What about one thing that if you stopped doing it, would make a big difference in your business? Find one skill that could impact your business and focus on it A great question to ask yourself is, if …

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Jun 06

Sales Training on Sales Skills for Developing Rapport

Most people could use some Sales Training on Sales Skills for Developing Rapport. In my opinion almost all of sales comes down to relationships and developing rapport with your prospect. In today’s video I cover some sales training on improving your sales skills for developing rapport. Once you have gone through building some initial rapport …

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Feb 28

Trust the Numbers

Stop beating yourself up over the no’s and trust the numbers. Sales is all a numbers game. Make up in numbers what you lack in skill. The no’s are unavoidable when you work in sales, it’s nothing to get overly worked up about. You can’t win every time. No’s can be an opportunity to see …

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Feb 17

Success Tips from the Imitation Game

Leadership tips and success tips I got out of the “Imitation Game” movie A few success tips from the movie the Imitation Game Wishing you Health and Prosperity – Mike MacDonald ———————————————————————————————————————– I would realistically look at building a successful network marketing business as a 3-5 year project to build a successful 10k a month …

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