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Apr 15

How To Increase Sales By Using Educational Selling

A lot of people struggle with sales and they come off as being a pushy salesman, but one of the best ways to avoid this and how to increase sales is through educational selling. Why Educational Selling Is A Great Strategy On How To Increase Sales All too often people give the impression of being …

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Jan 17

Are You Being Agreeable When Your Prospect Has Objections?

One thing I really used to struggle with while closing in network marketing was being agreeable first with my prospect when I had to overcome an objection. Don’t put people on the defensive while you are overcoming objections in network marketing A lot of people tend to close too quickly after they get an objection. …

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Dec 29

Are you throwing too many right hooks in your marketing?

Most online marketers seem to only pitch and never provide any value, as Gary Vaynerchuk would say that’s way too many right hooks and not enough jabs in your marketing. Too many right hooks or sales pitches will push people away form you not attract them to you Are you building any value with your …

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Jul 25

How to handle the I want to think about it objection in network marketing

Are you sick of people giving you the I want to think about it objection in network marketing?   Determine if the I want to think about it objection is real or just their way of saying no The first thing you should do is try and isolate the objection and determine if the truly …

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May 02

Do you know when to walk away from the sale?

One thing I struggled with for a while and see my team struggle with is knowing when to walk away from a sale. Learn when to walk away¬† from the sale to save yourself time and frustration Often times when most people are new to network marketing a common mistake they make is trying to …

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