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Feb 11

Is Your Initial Approach Ruining Your Chances Of Making A Sale In Your Business?

A lot of times people reach out to prospects and instead of focusing on what’s in it for the person they instead are only focused on trying to sell them something or recruiting them find out a need or want in your initial approach and you will make more sales. Ask more probing question to …

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Mar 07

Selling tips for how to improve sales: Are you using the two jar method?

How to improve sales a few selling tips: You might be doing the right thing just not enough One of the biggest struggles people have is that they are not doing enough activity to win. A simple way how to improve sales in your home business is to start using the two jar method. There …

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Oct 04

Are you Selling with Stories? Facts Tell and Stories Sell

Selling with stories is one of the crucial selling skills to learn Most of the time people who are unsuccessful in sales are building their business by leading with features of their products. It sounds good but unfortunately it won’t get much results for you and building your business. A major key to selling successfully …

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