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Sep 06

An effective way to build your online business on social media

A lot of people tend to struggle with building their online business on social media, and the main reason is that they are so focused on selling, rather than providing value and branding themselves. People do business with those that they know like and trust, and by branding you, you can develop that in your …

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Apr 14

Are You Hiding Behind Your Profile On Social Media?

Unfortunately a lot of people tend to hide behind their social media profiles and they create a fake name or take themselves completely out of their social media presence, this is a quick way to fail online. Without you in the mix how do you expect to develop trust and rapport with your audience on …

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Mar 21

Are You Branding Yourself In Your Social Media Marketing?

A common mistake people make in social media marketing is that they don’t put themselves in their marketing content, a much better way to build a business online is to start branding yourself. Branding yourself doesn’t have to be hard A lot of the time people think they need to come up with a compelling …

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Sep 20

You need to lead with lifestyle and value on social media

You can show your products or aspects of your business through your social media, but don’t keep begging people simply lead with value and lifestyle in your social media marketing. You don’t need to beg people in your social media marketing if you are doing it right. Too many time I see people in their posts …

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Jun 26

Easy Social Media Marketing Tips on How to Build Your Social Media Presence

How to Build Your Social Media Presence Do you struggle with marketing your business and advertising on social media?  Here are some easy social media marketing tips and ways to set up your profile while advertising on social media. Most people when advertising on social media do it completely wrong and are turning off way …

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