What is an effective Daily Method of Operation in your home business

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Are you new to the home business industry and don’t know where to begin? This post is all about developing an effective daily method of operation for your home business.

What is an effective Daily Method of Operation in your home business, dmo, daily method of operation, network marketing training, home business, home business tips, home business coaching, effective daily method of operation

Consistency is key for an effective Daily Method of Operation in your home business

Your daily habits will make you or break you, and focusing on the right things will either grow your business or keep you broke. Having the right daily method of operation starts with consistency.

You will not build a massive business overnight. I wish I could tell you that would be possible, but it’s just not.

If you are looking for overnight riches go buy a lottery ticket, but even that probably is just wasting your time and money.

Make working on your mindset and leadership development a part of your daily method of operation for building your home business

Your business will only grow to the point that you do and if you aren’t consistently working on yourself you will continually hit plateaus in your business.

Everyone comes from a different starting point when they start their home business. Some people have developed themselves considerably, while others haven’t done anything like that before.

This is why you see some people shoot to the top right away in their business while others seem to struggle. It’s not that some people are special or more talented or that they have something you don’t, it’s more that you haven’t yet developed into the person you need to become to succeed at that high level.

You don’t magically become a top earner in your company and business, rather, you BECOME a top earner in your business. You need to develop into the leader other leaders are looking for, and making personal development a crucial part of your daily method of operation is essential.

Find out who your ideal target market is before you set up your daily method of operation for your home business

Most businesses you are in will have pretty much the same daily method of operation you should focus on, the main thing that changes is the target market you are reaching out to.

If you haven’t determined your target market that should be the first thing you figure out. A lot of people struggle with building their home business because they are trying to market to everyone, rather than their specific ideal target market.

When you market to everyone, you are really marketing to no one. For example if you are in real estate your target market might be first time home buyers, or if your marketing nutrition and weight loss, your target market might be people interested in health and fitness.

Once you have determined your target market you want to focus on content that helps them as well as connecting and building relationships with this target market.

Find out what your top income producing activities are and then focus on them as a part of your daily method of operation for building your home business

Now that you know your ideal target market and are consistently working on leadership development, the next step is focusing on the daily habits that bring in results. Your top income producing activities should be focused around 3 main areas.

The 3 foundation areas for creating results in your business is going to be building your audience, engaging your audience and then selling to your audience. If what you are doing falls into any of these categories it’s probably worth doing, but if it doesn’t you may want to rethink how you are spending your time.

Building your audience could be as simple as connecting with 10 new people in your target market a day. There are plenty of options to do that through social media, you just need to know where they hang out.

For example if you are looking for leaders try looking in personal development groups or on other leaders pages that talk about personal growth and development. A few examples might be people like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, John C. Maxwell, or Jim Rohn to name a few.

When you make building your audience a priority in your daily method of operation you will never run out of highly targeted people to talk to about your business.

How to make engaging your audience a part of your daily method of operation in your home business

Now one thing people can fall into the trap of is doing non-income producing activities during times when they should be focused on income producing activities. For example during the day or after you are done with work is a good time to focus on connecting with people and presenting your business.

Unfortunately, some people hear the part about leadership development and then all the do all day long is read books or watch training videos. There is certainly a time and a place for that, and you should be doing it every day, but it needs to be done during off times when you can’t be building your audience and selling to your audience.

This is where engaging your audience comes into play. You should be consistently creating new value based content that your target market will benefit from. That could be videos, blog posts, live videos, webinars, emails, among other things.

The key is to do it consistently, whatever that means for you. Ideally you should be doing this daily, however if you find you are spending all of your time making content, but never building your audience and selling to your audience you won’t make any money.

Having a balance of all three factors is what really matters and if your goal is to grow your business really fast, you should spend most of your time building your audience and connecting with them and then selling to them.

Active prospecting should be your #1 focus in your daily method of operation while building your business…if you want to get results fast

There is two aspects of building your business online and that is active prospecting and passive marketing. Active prospecting is you reaching out to people yourself, while passive marketing is attracting people to you through your content alone.

Both are things that you should be doing in your business and part of your daily method of operation, but if you are new and want fast results, you should focus more on active prospecting than passive marketing.

Passive marketing is great as your content you created to engage your audience will continue to work for you forever once you put it out there, but it does take time to add up and start working.

Sure you might get some results by posting a video for the first time and get a lead or two, but you shouldn’t be posting your content and then just waiting around to bring in results.

You still want to hustle and work hard by actively prospecting while your passive marketing is working for you in the background. Starting out you will get more results faster with active prospecting, but there will come a time when you have more and more content out there and have build your audience large enough that it will flip.

From then on you still want to be actively prospecting, but you will get a lot of results just from your passive marketing. Think of it like planting a crop vs going hunting.

You want to plan for the long term and you might start growing corn, but if you wait until the corn is fully gown to eat you would end up starving to death. However, if you go hunting you’ll have food to eat right away, but it only lasts so long and you have to actively go out and get it.

When you are new and hungry I would recommend “hunting” a.k.a. actively prospecting and then be “growing corn” creating content so it can be growing while you are sleeping hunting. Then down the road you’ll have results coming in from both passive and active marketing.

Again focusing on the right daily habits, income producing activities, and having an effective daily method of operation will really help you get results in your business.

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